8/10 · Chocolate

M&S Belgian Chocolate Cashews

DSCF2492 (2)

This was another sweet treat from M&S that I really didn’t need to buy but I’m not one to turn down chocolate covered nuts!

This is not just chocolate covered nuts, this is M&S Belgian Milk Chocolate Covered Cashews – Belgian milk chocolate covered caramelised honey cashew nuts. 

With some chocolate coated nuts it isn’t immediately apparent what they are, take for instance the Asda Extra Special Nuts, if they were put out in a bowl for snacks at a party or whatever how would you know they were nuts? They could be chocolate raisins, chocolate covered toffee or, worse still, yoghurt covered raisins for all I’d know! The M&S nuts not only clearly look like nuts but the delicious nutty scent is actually stronger than the chocolate.

DSCF2498 (2)

A few were on the small side but most were full sized cashews, they were perfectly crunchy to counter the smooth chocolate and tasted amazing. They have a sweet, honey flavour which sits alongside the natural cashew taste and were incredibly addictive. The nuts have a stronger flavour than the chocolate as well, I could still clearly taste the chocolate but it didn’t come into its own until a little further into the bag.

The more I ate, the more chocolatey things got. It’s quite creamy but still milky and goes down very well, not too sweet and is a good quality chocolate, especially compared to what usually goes for chocolate covered anything.


They aren’t better than the Asda Extra Special Nuts but that’s not to say they’re worse. The emphasis there was on the flavours of the coatings whereas here the tasty chocolate is a bonus. It isn’t all that common to see chocolate coated cashew nuts, I know you can buy them but the standard seems to be Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Peanuts and so on, and I really enjoyed the change.



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