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M&S Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

DSCF2478 (2)

Milk chocolate and dark biscuit crumb with a soft white chocolate and biscuit filling. 

We went into Marks & Spencer with the best intentions, my basket was filled with fresh stir fry vegetables, fish, potatoes and sushi, of course, until I walked down the confectionery aisle and all these lovely new chocolates fell in.

I’d seen the Cookie Dough Bites on Instagram a lot and Lucy reviewed them last week. I wasn’t going to bother reviewing them myself but I ate one and had to tell someone about these babies.

They’re pretty expensive, £2 for an average sized bag and it’s resealable should you feel the need to save some for later, I have a feeling you won’t be though. Lucy had a few large bites but mine were all enormous so it seems the bags are varied , I quite like this as it gives them less of a mass produced feel.

This was actually the second or third bite to come out of my bag, once I’d smelt them I couldn’t help myself from wolfing a few down.

DSCF2482 (2)

Firstly the texture, they were big enough that each “bite” was actually two and I could quite easily eat one half properly and pick the pure cookie dough out of the other. With the chocolate and cookie dough together the bites were quite chewy to begin with, sort of more like a baked biscuit but soon gave way to a gritty authentic cookie dough texture.

The chocolate used was good, apparently it’s a mix of milk chocolate and white chocolate but I couldn’t separate the two in flavour, it’s very chocolatey and the only way I knew it wasn’t an M&S standard milk chocolate was that it was quite sweet. The cookie dough itself is amazing. Before I’d read any reviews I assumed these might be cookie dough flavoured, or go for the Cadbury Chips Ahoy/Oreo method of a bit of biscuit inside the chocolate but this isn’t the case at all. They taste exactly like the fresh chilled cookie dough you can buy in supermarkets, or the chunks of cookie dough found in Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, seriously delicious.

I was legitimately gutted when I looked down and realised I’d eaten the lot, they’re one of those treats that you can’t stop eating with a very addictive edge to them. They did take a while to work through mind you, normally I’d polish one of these bags off in no time but the size and taste actually meant I savoured them and my one and only criticism is that I noticed afterwards how sweet they were. I think they could maybe lose the white chocolate, I couldn’t necessarily taste it and the cookie dough is sweet enough as it is but that’s just me being picky. I wonder what they’d be like frozen…

Go buy some, before I buy them all!




4 thoughts on “M&S Milk Chocolate Cookie Dough Bites

  1. Am I the only person who thought these were absolutely vile!? Tasteless in a lot of ways, and just the worst texture with poor chocolate to boot. Ya the first thing I’ve ever been tempted to return to M&S.

      1. I LOVE real cookie dough, as my ever expanding wardrobe will show. It would be one of my desert (dessert? Ha) island picks.

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