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Mike and Ike – Strawberry Reunion

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Jelly beans are the best kind of sweet. I don’t know anybody who doesn’t like a jelly bean, and what is there not to like? They have a crunchy shell with a chewy jelly centre and can be flavoured like anything you wish. There is no “wrong” flavour for a jelly bean, Jelly Belly Bean Boozled aside, like there are other sweets. Chocolate or popcorn flavoured fruit gum? No thanks!

The American company Mike and Ike make some very tasty jelly beans, so far I’ve reviewed the Original and the Tropical Typhoon, today’s Strawberry Reunion completes the hat-trick .As you can probably guess the flavours are strawberry themed and Mike and Ike have created 4 fruity variations.

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I kicked things off with plain old Strawberry. Usually my favourite flavour of any sweet and one that’s hard to mess up, Mike and Ike were no exception. Strong and vibrant with a more natural flavour, no complaints here!

Strawberry Pineapple isn’t a combination I’ve come across before and one I wouldn’t particularly go out of my way for again. I didn’t really taste any pineapple, instead it tasted like a diluted version of the plain strawberry.

I’ve also never tried Strawberry Tangerine before and I also wouldn’t bother again! It was better than the pineapple in that it had a very slight citrus twist to the flavour and there are two things to take from that statement. 1) It was very mild, the duller strawberry was again the stronger flavour and 2) It was quite a vague flavour, nothing that screamed tangerine – it could have been any citrus based fruit.

DSCF2438 (3)

Things improved with the Strawberry Watermelon, once again the strawberry wasn’t as strong as it was in the plain but the watermelon was great. A very strong initial burst of natural juicy watermelon flavour leading to a lovely strawberry to finish.

My absolute favourite was the Strawberry Banana Smoothie. Yes I could taste the strawberry, yes it wasn’t as strong, no I have no clue where the smoothie comes into it – maybe because it tastes a little creamier rather than fruity, but who really cares when the banana tastes this good? Amazing authentic banana flavour, none of that artificial crap so many banana sweets have. My all time favourite jelly bean. Ever. Candy King Coconut/Marshmallow hybrid who?


I’m probably a little biased because I always save my strawberry jelly beans till last in any box of jelly beans but these were good! The pineapple and tangerine could be improved but it doesn’t mean they weren’t tasty, just not as strong as I’ve come to expect with Mike and Ike. Honestly, the rest could have tasted like Jelly Belly Vomit jelly beans for all I care, the Strawberry Banana Smoothies were that good!



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