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Muller Corner – New Thicker Recipe

DSCF2455 (2)

In my last few yoghurt reviews I’ve mentioned avoiding low fat yoghurt, by that I mainly mean Müller Lights, they’re so watery compared to full fat yoghurt but I decided to give Müller what must be their 20th chance when I saw the promise of a “New thicker recipe”.

DSCF2461 (2)Strawberry flavour yoghurt with white chocolate coated shortcake balls. 

Strawberry Shortcake 

You know how when you first open a yoghurt you get a thick slick up the edges that needs stirring in? Well I sneaked a taste before I stirred and I was impressed! It tasted just like strawberry Angel Delight! Good stuff.

DSCF2465 (2)

But then I stirred the yoghurt and added the balls. It seems any added creaminess was concentrated purely in that spoonful that had climbed up the sides. The rest of the yoghurt was just as watery and thin as before – in fact, I swear the last time I had a Müller Corner it was thicker than this! Whatever they’ve added to the yoghurt here just doesn’t work. The consistency could have been forgiven if the flavour was up to par but it had an overwhelming yoghurt flavour. Yes, I do realise it’s yoghurt and that’s how it’s supposed to taste but it drowned the strawberry flavour and gave it a sour edge.

The white chocolate shortcake balls were the complete opposite, the white chocolate was fine – nothing to write home about and tasty enough but they had a proper shortcake flavour, no generic biscuit here and I do love a shortcake! However they too were overpowered by the tangy yoghurt, I couldn’t taste the chocolate at all and the shortcake was one buttery sweet note amongst the sour mess.

Not good.


DSCF2467 (2)Banana yoghurt with milk chocolate coated cornflakes. 

Banana Chocolate Flakes 

I was kind of dreading this to be honest, if they’d managed to make strawberry taste sour what the hell were they going to do to my beloved banana?

Once again I took a sneaky spoon of the thick stuff and it was good but I’ve learnt not to get ahead of myself..

DSCF2472 (2)

I couldn’t help but notice as I stirred the cornflakes in that the yoghurt was becoming runnier. Surely it should thicken up as you stir but it seemed there was a layer of water lurking on the bottom. It’s not bad. It’s nowhere near as good as the Banana Custard Yoghurt I had a couple of weeks ago but it was much nicer than the Strawberry Shortcake. The flavour did remind me a little bit of the banana custard, just without the custard obviously, but quite a similar pleasant banana.

It does seem thicker and creamier and there was a clear lack of tang which does make me wonder about the Strawberry Shortcake, but it’s still worlds away from the higher end “luxury/gourmet” yoghurt.

The chocolate cornflakes were fine, crunchy with a strong chocolate flavour that paired very nicely with the banana yoghurt but that’s always a winning combination in my book.

Strangely, after I’d eaten this it tasted just like I’d eaten a bowl of actual cornflakes, I couldn’t taste the actual cereal while I was eating but it’s all I could taste after!



2 thoughts on “Muller Corner – New Thicker Recipe

  1. If you’re interested in which ingredients have changed:
    Yogurt – added carob bean gum, guar gum
    Shortcake balls – palm, rapeseed oil replaced with coconut oil
    Cornflakes – corn flour replaced with maize flour

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