Tesco Frozen Smoothie – Strawberry, Mango & Banana


I spotted a few new Tesco Frozen Smoothies online a few weeks back and there was one that really caught my eye. Typically they had the other three flavours straight away but it has taken this long for the Strawberry, Mango & Banana to be stocked in my local.


Frozen Smoothie made with yourt, strawberry, mango and banana 

From what I can tell, the difference between a frozen smoothie and a frozen yogurt is that the main ingredient in the smoothie is water. The other ingredients are low fat natural yogurt, sugar, 9% strawberry puree, 6% mango puree, 3% banana puree, whipping cream and then a whole load of chemicals. But I guess frozen smoothie sounds better than watered down frozen yogurt!

The colour threw me, the inclusion of mango and banana and the colour of the tub led me to believe it would have a yellowy colour but its much more of a pale strawberry colour.

Despite looking like watered down strawberry ice cream it smelt a lot like mango with a slight hint of strawberry. No word on the banana so far.


This isn’t the first frozen smoothie I’ve eaten, I tried the Frill chocolate smoothie before but I had a very different experience this time round. If you didn’t read the ingredients beforehand it would still be obvious that water is the first ingredient once you’d tasted it. It’s soft and thick to scoop out and looks just like any other frozen cream/yogurt based dessert but it just felt wrong in my mouth. Still soft but it melted far quicker than any ice cream/fro-yo and it didn’t melt to a liquid form, it melted like if you were to suck on an ice cube – one minute it’s there and then it’s just..gone. The flavour stuck to the script, a bright fruity start, mainly mango but that stopped just as abruptly. It’s very strange and nothing like anything I’ve eaten before.

If you’ve read the Frill review you’ll know it didn’t stay like that the entire way through so I stuck to it and happily this too improved.

I’m pretty sure I’ve worked out the problem these frozen “smoothies” suffer from, as with any normal yogurt, all the thick creamy good stuff is at the bottom and there is a watery layer on top that needs stirring in. Obviously you can’t do that with this unless you take it all out and give it a stir in a bowl but if you work through that first inch or so, it gets better, I promise.

It became a lot creamier with a much more vibrant flavour, the mango stays the stronger flavour with the strawberry playing second fiddle – still no banana sadly. The bottom ¾ of the pint is completely different, a lot more enjoyable and I’d probably have thought it was a different product had I not been eating it straight from the tub! The more you eat, the better it becomes and towards the bottom the mango and strawberry were fighting it out for top spot. Both are very nice actually, probably due to a puree being used rather than flavourings so no artificial nastiness – but still, not a hint of banana anywhere.


Ignoring the top, watery layer this is pretty good. It’s not ice cream in the slightest but it’s a light, almost refreshing “healthy” substitute which I  enjoyed more than the Frill version and  that’s not just because it costs £2 compared to the £5.75 I paid for Frill!



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