7/10 · Chocolate · Foreign Foods

Goplana Jezyki Classic

Delicious cookie with caramel, hazelnuts and rice crisps in milk chocolate. 

Poland have impressed me, sometimes the chocolate isn’t great but I don’t remember a (still in date) bar that wasn’t tasty or at least interesting. The Jezyki Classic bar was purchased in Tesco and there is also a large box with smaller biscuit sized versions of the bar available.

I mention my favourite Pick’n’Mix sweet a lot – the Choc Fudge Crunch, and this looks a lot like a larger version of that. The caramel had oozed out through the nobbly rice crisps and the chocolate was darker than I expected with a shiny finish.

I tried to snap the bar in half to get a look at the good stuff and this happened:

I really couldn’t break it in two, it just bent, but in my opinion this is a good thing. It might not look pretty but it just meant there’d be a fair amount of caramel inside!

It has a rather generic, perfectly pleasant chocolatey scent – although judging  by the amount of rice crisps any sweet caramel would have to be ridiculously strong to seep through.

I could see the rice crisps and smell the chocolate but it was the caramel that was all I could really taste. After I’d taken a bite, I looked down and was completely confused – the caramel seemed sticky and thick enough to make the bar impossible to snap and chewy enough that I was picking it out of my teeth yet I couldn’t seem to see any! Whatever, the incredible invisible caramel had a lovely flavour, albeit a little sweet, but the bar is small enough for it not to be a problem.

The rice crisps cut through the stickiness providing a very welcome crunch but the biscuit and chocolate were noticably absent in flavour and texture. As for the hazelnuts – well I couldn’t see or taste those!


I enjoyed this but it’s confused me, why can I taste the things I can’t see but can’t taste everything I can see? I’d like to try the smaller version, a different ratio of ingredients might play out a bit differently.



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