8/10 · Limited edition · Ready meal

New Covent Garden Soup Co – Soup Of The Month (March)


I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of March and I’ve only just got round to this months New Covent Garden Soup Of The Month. To be fair we’ve just had Easter so there’s been far too much chocolate about to think about soup!

This months soup is Allotment Vegetable Soup, doesn’t sound very appealing – whenever I think of allotments, I think of my grandad and his pals, hiding away in a muddy plot from the nagging wives until the pub opens!


Allotment vegetable soup with salsify and cardoon. 

The vegetables included are: Potato, onion, cauliflower, celeriac, parsnip, salsify and cardoon.

Opening the carton released the scent of onion and something with a vague fish like scent. “That can’t be right” I thought, there’s nothing remotely sea like or fishy included but interestingly according to Google, Salsify is known as the oyster plant due to an oyster like taste once it’s cooked. I didn’t know that at the time and I’m unsure whether it’s supposed to smell like it too but I pushed it to the back of my mind and never tasted or smelt anything like it again. I must be a bit of an uneducated fool as I also didn’t have a  clue what Cardoon was (apparently it’s known as the Artichoke Thistle), so unfortunately I can’t tell you whether I could taste that either.. Bad reveiwer!

It’s very thick but there were no discernible chunks and the only difference in texture I felt were slithers of onion every now and again through the smooth soup.

Initially the cauliflower was the stronger flavour, I had this realisation with broccoli in another soup but as I normally have my cauliflower alongside a juicy roast dinner I never noticed it had a flavour before. It’s quite nice actually! The onions and potatoes have a fairly strong flavour too and it was so far tasting like a regular vegetable based soup.

But not for long. Ignore the parsnips because they weren’t strong enough in my soup to notice, and the Celeriac didn’t have the type of flavour to scream CELERIAC but! I’ve had Celeriac in mashed potato before and it’s very good, combined with the potato, onions, cauliflower, salted butter and double cream… It’s buttery, rich, mashed potato comfort food in soup form. Delicious!

There was something in there, either the white pepper or one of the extracts in the vegetable bullion but there is a slight heat to the soup, not chilli hot but a little different to standard black pepper.


It’s my ultimate comfort food – mashed potato, veggies and gravy in soup form.. What’s not to like??



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