7/10 · Limited edition

Butterkist Popcorn – Hot Cross Bun


Today is Good Friday, a day when Hot Cross Buns are traditionally eaten and what could be more traditional than Hot Cross Bun popcorn? I’m sure Jesus would approve.

For some reason the only place anybody seems to have found it has been Home Bargains. I couldn’t find it in any supermarket or sweet shop and I’d begun to wonder if it was because it hadn’t turned out quite as well as Butterkist had hoped and this was their way of brushing it under the carpet…

At the start of the week I reviewed the Yogurt Coated Popcorn, also made by Butterkist, and made a point of praising the lack of unpopped kernels. It was back to the same old story today though with the whole bottom quarter of the bag inedible little rocks. C’mon Butterkist, you put so much effort into coming up with new interesting flavours, you could at least put half the amount into quality control!


They certainly smelt like Easter with the signature hot cross bun spices coming through with the sweet toffee popcorn. We shared the bag between us and you know who – Mr “I only want a little bit, promise”  – took the top half meaning I was left with a quarter of a bag of large glossy popcorn and a quarter of crumbs and kernels.

The crumbs/tiny popcorn pieces were plain with no toffee coating and just a sweet popcorn flavour. If I’d read the packet I could’ve saved myself some confusion as it turns out all the hot cross bun flavouring is in the toffee.

The larger popcorn was much more like what I expected from Butterkist, obviously a big part of a hot cross bun is the bun itself but the crunchy slightly chewy popcorn is a decent substitute and the toffee provides the sweet stickiness. The ‘hot’ side of things is just as delicious, slightly spiced so not to overpower the sweetness but with enough to instantly recognise what it’s aiming for.


As ever a very addictive bag from Butterkist, there are just a few quality and consistency issues which affect the taste of the bag overall. Just as you’re getting into the hot cross bun swing of things along comes a plainer sweet piece to stop you in your tracks.

Nice though.



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