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Bon Bons Gourmet – Sugar Free Toffee

We were recently shopping in a garden centre and found a whole display stand of Bon Bons Gourmet goodies. I’ve had good experiences with their fudge and so we picked a few treats up. Lured in by shiny wrappers, promises of creamy toffee and bundle deals, Sugar Free Traditional Creamy Toffee was one of the tubs that ended up in my cupboard. 

It’s not entirely sugar free but the ingredients list isn’t too shabby; Sweetner (Malititol), Vegetable Fat, Butter, Flavouring, Soya Lecithin and Colouring. Now it’s clearly not healthy at all but it’s not quite as scary sounding as some sugar free products! 

Following procedure, there is the usual warning about excessive consumption but as you’ll see that’s not really going to be a problem here. 

For a fairly small tub there weren’t half a lot of toffee pieces inside. Unwrapping one didn’t seem very promising – plastic looking, very firm to the touch and no discernible scent whatsoever. 

I wish I could saying eating one fared better results but if anything it was worse. 

I popped one in my mouth bit down and nearly knocked a few teeth out. They are rock solid. There is no possible way to chew these to begin with at all, you literally have to sit and wait for the warmth of your mouth to heat them up until there’s a slight give and even then it was still bloody hard work chewing! 

All that work and no pay off, I could have forgiven the texture had the flavour been worth it but they looked like plastic, smelt like plastic, felt like plastic and tasted like plastic. Bland with no ‘traditional creamy toffee’ flavour at all. 


Well good news if you’re on a diet. I totally recommend these as there’s no way you’ll be able to eat them – the weight will fall off you! 

Unwrapping them gave me something to do when there was nothing on telly so I’ll be generous. 


Don’t write off Bon Bons Gourmet just yet though – I’ve had some lovely fudge in the past, Mr.1T just yesterday had an amazing white chocolate covered fudge and as you’ll see very soon, one of their seasonal offerings was amazing. It’s just the sugar free toffee that’s awful.


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