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Twix – Limited Edition Cappuccino


I’m sure you’re as bored of reading, as I am of writing, that two of my most favourite things in the world are chocolate and coffee.  Chocolate and coffee together is a different story, when it’s good it’s incredible, when it’s bad its inedible. My rhyming skills are wasted on a blog..

People of Britain, don’t get your hopes up just yet. The Limited Edition Twix Cappuccino comes all the way from somewhere in Europe, trust me to rip the corner off with all the information listed! I found my bar at the place end up spending more than the rest of my shop combined, the tills in Home Bargains.

There are no English words on the wrapper besides Limited Edition but from what I can gather this is your run of the mill Twix but the caramel is cappuccino flavoured.


Look at that gooey caramel!

The bar smelt a lot like an ordinary Twix with the familiar Mars chocolate coating but there was a slight coffee aroma waiting to be unleashed once I snapped the (right) finger.

Taking a bite you’re first hit with the sweet chocolate we’re all accustomed to, followed by the crunchy, buttery shortcake like biscuit. I was all ready to write about my disappointment until slowly but surely a subtle but delicious cappuccino flavour crept up. The chocolate and biscuit are the stronger flavours to begin with but the coffee cappuccino is the star of the show, waiting for the right moment to appear and lingering long after I’d finished the chocolate.


A huge improvement on it’s overrated ancestor the original Twix.



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