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Yeo Valley – Limited Edition Banana & Custard


I have two brands I’m pretty loyal to when it comes to yoghurt – Onken for my everyday stuff and The Collective when I’m feeling particularly fancy. I don’t know why, I’m a creature of habit, but if there’s one thing I can spot a mile off, its banana.

Not only is this a very rare banana yoghurt but its banana and custard! It’s like all my yoghurt prayers have been answered. Thank you dairy Gods!

As it happens, I treated myself to an Ambrosia banana custard just last week so I have the real deal fresh in my mind to compare.


If my taste buds were tingling at the thought of a banana and custard yoghurt, I was downright foaming at the mouth once I’d smelt it – yoghurt who? This was pure banana custard baby, no doubt about it.

This isn’t a pansy fat free yoghurt, it’s thick and creamy and I didn’t pour it into my bowl – I had to practically scoop it. It tastes beautifully rich and smooth and is a quality yoghurt alone, honestly, why do people eat fat free yoghurt when stuff like this exists?

It tastes incredible, to begin with it has an extremely strong banana custard flavour, even more so than actual Ambrosia Banana Custard at points but there’s a definite plain yoghurt underlying and after taste as well.

The banana is the stronger of the three and is very authentic coming from organic banana puree rather than any artificial flavourings but that’s not to say the custard can’t be tasted – it’s there just a little quieter than the vibrant and fresh fruit.


I think Yeo Valley should re-think the Limited Edition not only is it delicious but you get the added health benefits of the yoghurt and banana custard for breakfast!!




3 thoughts on “Yeo Valley – Limited Edition Banana & Custard

  1. Yoghurt companies seem to be very keen on releasing limited editions. I haven’t tried this one but it sounds like an interesting digression from the usual yoghurt flavours. My own favourite brand is Rachel’s, which I find creamier and more pleasant for my tastes than Yeo Valley. I agree with you that Onken is nice, but I haven’t come across The Collective.

    1. Oh you need to try The Collective! Sold in all supermarkets now, they aren’t flavoured like Rachels/Onken, rather they’re plain yoghurt with a swirl of flavour or layers at the top/bottom. Russian Fudge, Banoffi and Coffee are my personal favourites! Gingerbread was amazing too but I think we’ll have to wait for Autumn for that one to come back.

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