8/10 · Sweets

Waitrose Jelly Mini Eggs

Mini Eggs come in a many different shapes, sizes and fillings, you have your standard sugar candy shell with chocolate centre, chocolate shelled with various fillings – Creme Egg style fondant or various flavoured creams and the slightly more luxurious truffle filled centres.
 I can’t say I’ve seen a Jelly Mini Egg, sure there are plenty of Easter themed jelly beans but these aren’t exactly jelly beans..
Soft jelly eggs in a crisp sugar shell. 
The Jelly Mini Eggs are one of a few non-traditional mini eggs Waitrose are selling, I’ll be going back for the others (Marzipan/Ginger Truffle/Marc De Champagne & Amaretto/Cream Truffle) but at £3.50 for 100g/125g depending, they’ll have to wait a while!
The eggs look delightful, they’re all egg shaped (a bug bear of mine after a certain other brand of Mini Egg but that’s another review!) and all had the speckled egg markings. There aren’t a huge variety of colours – only four, but the smaller variety meant I had a sufficient amount of each. There is no way they could get more than a minimum of three of each flavour in each packet if there were any more due to the sheer size of the eggs – they are humongous!!
I had a Candy King jelly bean left over from my Pick’n’Mix (I know, leftover Pick’n’Mix – I must be getting ill!!) and to be fair they were actually rather large for an ordinary jelly bean but just for comparison..
And that was a large standard bean and one of the smaller jelly eggs!
The eggs are just plain weird. They have a hard shell, harder than the outside of a normal jelly bean and I had to give it a good solid bite to get in – and yes they’re that big that I could eat each one in two bits. The inside of the egg was nothing like I expected, it’s not like a jelly bean at all. It’s not really firm but nowhere near as soft as a jelly bean and has a gritty kind of chew, but it’s not chewy either. Am I confusing you yet? Because these sure confused me while I was eating them, I think you’d need to try them to truly understand how they feel, they’re nothing like anything I’ve eaten before! That’s definitely not a bad thing though.
On to the flavours, I’m going to guess the flavours are the actual flavourings used as they seemed to match up.
The orange eggs were undoubtedly Orange flavoured, nothing new or exciting but very nice nonetheless. The white eggs threw me, I’m not going to lie, I’m so used to white jelly beans being marshmallow or coconut flavoured I initially convinced myself that white tasted a bit like marshmallow. Working through the other flavours and the ingredients list has left me to believe its actually Apricot flavoured though. Truth be told its not a flavour I’m very familiar with but either way marshmallow/apricot it was pretty damn tasty!
Pink is usually some kind of berry in any sweet and here was no different. I tried one before I read the ingredients and I thought maybe strawberry, the ingredients say otherwise with Raspberry and once I’d read it, I could taste it. Very juicy and a definite fail safe. I’d kind of given up by the yellow, my brain and my tastebuds weren’t connecting and I had to cheat and refer to the ingredients which inform me its probably Pineapple. I’m going to plead ignorance in that it’s not a flavour used to often but I wish it was, it was very nice!
Last but not least was green, usually the apple flavoured sweet but Waitrose have bucked the trend and gone for Pear. I think I’ve mentioned before I like the flavour of pear just not the texture and this sweet has just reinforced that. My god, sweet makers of Britain – forget about apple, its all about pear! Absolutely delicious and much to my surprise the best in the box.
I might be a bit vague on the flavours and unable to properly describe the texture, but trust me these are a must-try! They can’t be compared to a jelly bean, they’re a whole different kettle of fish. I’m very glad I chose these other the other more traditional style mini eggs.

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