7/10 · Chocolate · Foreign Foods

Lindt Éclats De Bretzel

In keeping with yesterdays post, my review today, again, comes from Lindt but is a French import this time.
They are more well known for the quality of their chocolate and melting middle truffles, but the shelves have been filled with flavoured Lindt recently. From the HELLO line and the Creations and Excellence bars, Lindt are getting a little more imaginative with their chocolate.
So it shouldn’t come as much of a suprise that today’s bar is Éclats De Bretzel, a milk chocolate with crunchy pretzel pieces. Lindt chocolate is always packaged nicely, and had a paper wrapper with a sealed silver foil inside. I wish all companies used this, not only does it look and feel more luxurious but I’m sure it keeps the chocolate fresher too.
It smelt deliciously chocolatey, and I was impressed looking at the bar. There was tonnes of pretzel pieces including one piece that missed being chopped up and was half a whole large pretzel – I’m not complaining!
Although the point of this chocolate bar is that pretzel is added, they’ve not fobbed us off with cheap, sugary chocolate. Its not overly sweet or milky but has a real creamy, thick and quite rich taste. The pretzels are indeed nice and crunchy and I enjoyed that the pieces weren’t uniform in size, it added another level to the textures. The salt pairs wonderfully with the sweet chocolate and while they aren’t overly salty it’s noticable and more than enough to give that addictive ‘bar snack effect’ – you just can’t resist going back for more!
A moreish mix of sweet and salty!

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