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Frill The Frozen Smoothie – Intense Chocolate

I spoke a little about the importance of dietary fibre when I reviewed the Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownies. When it comes down to it, I’m more than happy to fulfill my fibre needs with an ice cream – well, frozen smoothie.
Frill can’t really be compared to any other frozen dessert. They are frozen smoothies – completely dairy free so suitable for vegans and unusually have no added sugar. The tub has a few facts printed on it, and the nutritional information is quite impressive. A typical ice cream contains just 0.5% fibre, Frill Intense Chocolate has 9.6%. Ice cream typically contains about 21% sugar and Frill has just 9.4% and they are naturally occurring sugars from whole fruits. These are per 100ml and are the same in weight, so the entire 475ml tub will give an average adult woman a whopping 251.75% of the recommended amount of daily fibre! Ok you’re getting 47.5% of your RDA for sugar too but they are natural sugars and I’m pretty sure most ice creams contain that in one 100ml serving!
Enough of the preaching and on to the review!
It’s all well and good being on the healthier side but if it tastes like crap it’s pointless.
Even me, the least patient person in the world when it comes to ice cream, had to wait a bit to dig into this. It does state to allow product to soften before serving and I had no choice, it’s super thick and solid and unless I wanted to channel my inner Uri Gellar, I had to wait. While I was waiting I became a bit concerned that I couldn’t smell any ‘intense chocolate’ but I pushed those concerns aside, I’ve learnt now that sometimes that means nothing.
I admit, I did force one spoonful out while it was still like concrete and it was weird, very slow to melt and it had an extremely thick feel but was lacking a creaminess.
So I waited a bit more and thankfully the longer I waited, the better it became. Despite how it looked, and that was strange in itself – every time I took a chunk out the layer underneath got that icy look to it most ice creams have when you first open them on the top – it had held up well, no freezer burn or icy feel at all. Allowing it to melt gave it much more of a creamy texture, make no mistakes it doesn’t have a creamy taste but a much more pleasant texture. The softer it got, the more chocolatey it tasted too, it really reminded me of a frozen version of either Cadbury Chocolate Mousse (the kind you find in the kids section in the yoghurt aisle) or a frozen chocolate Angel Delight – the real stuff not the ice cream mix! At times it tasted just like Angel Delight but overall it tasted more like a less sweet version of the Cadbury. I could taste the ‘smoothie’ part of this to be honest, I couldn’t taste the individual ingredients – mainly Dates – but it did have a healthy ‘green’ side to it amongst the chocolate.
I thought I’d finished up my review there and I’d rated it as 6/10 for pure enjoyment and 7/10 for a chocolatey treat as part of a healthier product. I was only halfway through though and waste not, want not, I opened it again ten minutes later. Those extra ten minutes at room temperature had done a lot for the flavour and texture, the chocolate (which comes from cocoa powder) seemed stronger and there was a much more rich and creamy feel – in other words, it seemed a lot more like normal ice cream now.
I’m quite impressed, don’t expect a sugary sweet Ben & Jerry’s like product but if you go into it and take it for what it is, it’s good stuff and perfectly acceptable. I wouldn’t say no to it again anyway!

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