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Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste – Triple Choc Sensation

Blah blah blah, Cadbury boycott, yadda yadda yadda…. I was tempted, I’m sorry!
Cadbury have released 6 “new” chocolates, 5 of which are Milka clones and the last is just a bag of mixed milk and white chocolate Buttons (yeah, I bought those too – I’ve been waiting 20 years for them!)
Three of the new bars are Big Taste Bars: one had Oreo inside – why when there’s already a Dairy Milk bar with Oreo, I don’t know – one with toffee and hazelnut – don’t hold your breath for a review on that one, I reviewed the Milka version and there is no way this is much different or nicer – and finally the bar I have today, Triple Choc Sensation.
A big bar with a big taste – 26cm long! Three chunky layers of Cadbury Dairy Milk, white chocolate and dark chocolate. 
The bars really are huge, three times the size of a standard bar and is sectioned into 7 x 2 blocks of 2 triangles. This was slightly annoying for my OCD as it made it a lot harder to separate into 3 (fair) portions – 2 for me and 1 for him!
The wrapper and the name meant I was under the impression this would be a predominantly Dairy Milk chocolate bar if not at least an even amount of Dairy Milk compared to everything else. However the ingredients say each bar has 42% white chocolate, 25% dark chocolate and so the maximum amount of Dairy Milk can only be 33% and thats discounting any sugar, fat and who knows what else they want to stick in.
Regardless it was only the white chocolate that I could smell once I’d peeled open the wrapper.
The way the blocks are meant I could nibble the dark chocolate triangle off from the top. It’s definitely not Bournville, I could tell from taste alone but Google informs me Cadbury Bournville has a minimum of 36% cocoa solids whereas the dark chocolate used here has a more respectable minimum of 45%. It’s actually a lot less sweet than I expected, tasting far more like a plain chocolate yet considering it had more cocoa it was somehow blander. It’s as if Cadbury haven’t tried to make a dark chocolate but a plain chocolate – literally – it had barely any flavour at all.
The bottom 2 layers proved impossible to separate, this could be a good thing going by Dairy Milks track record recently but what I did taste was unexpected. The milk chocolate is noticeable but the white chocolate is stronger, its not bad white chocolate – sugary and not really chocolate tasting at all – but its nostalgic in a way I suppose. I personally wouldn’t want to eat a whole bar of it but Mr.1T would happily!
Taking a bite of the three chocolates together completely changed the flavour. It no longer had the tastes of the bland dark chocolate, fake Dairy Milk or even the slightly overpowering white chocolate. The plain chocolate finally found its place, kind of dulling some of the sugariness from the milk and white and it began to taste just like an old school original Cadbury Easter Egg!!!
Now I’m not going to pretend it’s good chocolate, if you want a mix of all 3 in a bar using good quality chocolate M&S have got you covered, this though, this is what I’ve been searching for in my Cadbury replacement hunt.
It’s cheap and sweet chocolate but it kind of tastes like my childhood and I really liked it… Woops!
For an unbiased, level headed opinion check out Lucy’s review of all three new Big Taste bars 

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