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Butterkist Yogurt Coated Popcorn

Butterkist have had all sorts of weird and wonderful popcorn ideas lately. Way back I sceptically reviewed the Pulled Pork popcorn and completely surprised myself, Halloween saw green coloured popcorn, Christmas had Gingerbread, Easter has the (soon to be reviewed) Hot Cross Bun flavoured and amongst the seasonal varieties they’ve snuck out a Yoghurt Coated Popcorn. 

Side note – Yogurt or Yoghurt?? Both are right apparently but I’m sticking to Yoghurt!

I have never, ever seen popcorn and yoghurt paired together and I can’t say the thought of mixing the two together had ever or would have ever crossed my mind. I do wonder what the person in Butterkist HQ was smoking when they came up with this one! 

They don’t look all that different in photo form but in real life it’s obvious there is a thick white coating on the popcorn. It smells sweet and creamy and the popcorn is the most obvious scent. 

I was very dubious trying these, the only yoghurt covered anything I’ve tried beforehand are yoghurt raisins and they, in my opinion, are disgusting. The tanginess of the yoghurt is just too much for the sweet flavours inside. Happily the yoghurt Butterkist have used is nothing alike. 

The popcorn itself is sweet as well as the yoghurt, but rather than a sugary sweet coating it had a lovely milky, creamy flavour. It doesn’t exactly taste like it but I think it’d be easy enough to convince people that it’s actually a white chocolate rather than a yoghurt – that’s how surprisingly creamy it is. Butterkist don’t specify which flavourings are used but I’m sure I had hints of a vanilla flavour at times too, although that may well be my mind playing tricks on me as it also looks like white chocolate! 

The texture is good, the same crunchy Butterkist popcorn as always with a firstly strange, but soon addictive softer smooth and creamy coating. A couple had the textures slightly off – too much coating to a not quite crunchy enough centre but they were few and far between, the majority were perfect.

One big improvement compared to the last few bags of Butterkist I’ve had are that it contained 0 unpopped kernels so no nasty popcorn dust or rock hard pieces to crack a tooth on. 


I was so sure I’d hate these but they are dangerously addictive! Very good stuff. 



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