8/10 · Limited edition · Sweets

Bassetts Santa Babies Berry Mix

I don’t think today’s review, Bassetts Santa Babies Berry Mix, are new but they’re new to me and it’s nearly Christmas – I’ve got to blog about Santa Babies!
Obviously they’re a seasonal product, a Christmas version of the Jelly Babies Berry Mix and I like that they’ve changed the name to Santa Babies, even though it means I’ve got the song stuck on a loop in my head now!
I’ll keep the review short and sweet just like yours truly 😉 There’s no difference in the flavours, they’re your standard blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry. I’ve just found out they aren’t necessarily called flavours – each has a name but I’m not going to write them all out because it weirded me out eating things with actual names, I’m no vegetarian but I don’t want to know if my steak was from Colin the Cow either thank you very much!
That wasn’t the only thing that gave me the heeby-jeebys. Look at them, forget Santa Baby they’re creepy stalker Santas!! I didn’t mind biting their heads off so much after I’d had a look at them…
I love Jelly Babies anyway but creepiness aside, I especially liked these as there were no green or yellow – they’re alright but strawberry is the king of Jelly Babies and blackcurrant his queen. So for that these get a decent

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