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Wawel Maciek Adwokat

It’s Wednesday so another foreign treat and another Wawel bar! This is Maciek Adwokat. I thought Maciek meant milk, as in milk chocolate but according to Google translate it means POTBELLY?!? So thanks Wawel, that’s a bit offensive… This is a milk chocolate bar though with Advocaat filling, if you don’t know what Advocaat is, here is the wiki on it “Advocaat or Advocaatenborrel is a traditional Dutch alcoholic beverage made from eggs, sugar and brandy.[] The rich and creamy drink has a smooth, custard-like flavor and is similar to eggnog. The typical alcohol content is generally somewhere between 14% and 20% ABV. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream (or evaporated milk) Advocaat is the alcoholic ingredient in a Snowball, which I know I’ve tried but it’s been a while!
If you’ve read my previous Wednesday posts you’ll know Wawel don’t muck about when it comes to the filling and Adwokat is no different, the filling takes up 45.5% of the bar and actually contains 2% alcohol and 1.8% egg yolks so quite authentic on ingredients. I purchased this on a Tesco self service till and even got I.D’d for it!
Opening it up the chocolate was the main smell but there was a faint alcoholic-y scent to it, I haven’t had Advocaat for years so I couldn’t tell you if it was true to the drink but there was a hint of booze there. The filling was once again very thick and I actually managed to separate the centre from the chocolate with this bar and eating it alone it could be quite gritty. It has a creamy flavour to it, is quite sweet and rich and very enjoyable actually. I wouldn’t compare the taste to a custard though but that is me going by the Wikipedia here, Advocaat itself might taste nothing like custard to me!
I also got to taste the chocolate alone, it has 30% cocoa solids so isn’t too sweet and is quite creamy. I found my favourite way to eat this bar was like a Creme egg – bite a bit off, eat the filling then the outside – but the ‘normal’ way was just as tasty too.
Even though this only contains 2% alcohol it wasn’t very evenly distributed in my bar, for the first few squares I found the centre very tasty but lacking any real alcohol flavours despite the scent. I then got to the last two squares which is where all the booze had settled apparently! Those last two little blocks were like eating a square of solidified pure alcohol!! Those parts weren’t as nice as the rest of the bar but I wish some other alcoholic chocolates were as strong as them!
Of the three Wawel bars I’ve previously reviewed this is my favourite, and I think they also sell it in a massive 200g bar too.
Rating 7/10

2 thoughts on “Wawel Maciek Adwokat

    1. I never knew that! So what’s the difference between the bars? Because I saw some with different names but the same flavour. Thanks for the info 😊😊

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