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Wawel Krowkowy Mleczny

It’s a Wednesday! Also known as hump day to many, pizza night in our house and the day I’ll hopefully be continuing my weekly review of a foreign food. Now it just needs a catchy name – suggestions welcome!
Carrying on with the Wawel brand from Poland, I chose Krówkowy mleczny ‘milk chocolate bar with caramel filling (50%)‘. It’s quite a big bar, weighing in at 48g and as you can see, taking up a fair part of a side plate.
Unlike last weeks bar the chocolate shell of the bar felt quite thin and if you look carefully at the top right of the photo you can see where it had snapped before I’d even removed it from the wrapper. This can probably be explained by the fact the caramel and the chocolate unusually have an exactly equivalent percentage here, it’s not often there is literally just as much filling as there is chocolate!
I didn’t get to try unadulterated chocolate as the caramel was so thick and sticky, try as I might I just couldn’t get a piece without any on and as the chocolate was quite thin when I tried to scrape the caramel away it just crumbled!
I was slightly worried looking at a cross section as it looked just like last weeks not so impressive Toffi bar. To taste, it was better though. Despite appearances it was a lot less gritty than the previous filling, a lot smoother and creamier yet just as thick. It was still super sweet and very rich – the Polish must have very sweet teeth!! The sweetness meant I’d liked to have eaten this slowly a square at a time but the fragile chocolate didn’t allow for that and I ended up with shards of chocolate and blobs of caramel all over the plate.
The caramel flavour is pretty overwhelming, I did get a touch of milky, creamy chocolate but not enough to review. I did enjoy this bar more than the Toffi and it is quite nice but again I found it exceedingly sweet and I couldn’t have eaten a bigger sized bar than this.
Rating 6/10

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