6/10 · Ice cream

Walls Big Bite Ice Cream – Vanilla With Cookies

I first noticed the Walls big bite ice creams in Farmfoods a few weeks ago, but seeing as where I live Farmfoods are few and far between and I was miles from home I left it. Happily Iceland have started selling them now so I grabbed one of each. I haven’t seen these in any other supermarket though, maybe they’re exclusive to these two shops.
I decided to kick off with the cookie tub, the other two are vanilla with strawberry sauce and vanilla with chocolate sauce.
The cookies on the top looked quite impressive but they are a bit strange in texture. Considering it had literally just been taken out of the freezer, I expected them to be a bit frozen or crunchy but they are extremely soft. To be completely honest they felt like cake!
The ice cream is also very soft, if you’ve had the Big Bite lolly (?)/ice cream you’ll know how this tastes. It’s exactly that, just in a tub rather than on a stick and is still quite thick and creamy. It reminded me of the ice cream you’d get from the ice cream man – not Mr. Whippy or 99 standard (!) but still pretty nice. It’s not a great vanilla flavour, I’d say it’s plain more than anything and while there is nothing I especially liked here it’s inoffensive – there’s nothing to dislike either.
The cookies on the top are misleading, they aren’t like some brands where there is a layer on the top then nothing else but there definitely isn’t anywhere near as many underneath as there is at the beginning. To be fair to Walls though, the tub does say there is only 2.5% cocoa biscuit pieces.
It seems like I’m moaning and there are only bad points but it’s really not bad for £1, it’s not an adult ice cream and I don’t think it advertises itself as one – it’s a kiddie treat. I’ll eat the others I’ve got but I probably wouldn’t buy them again.
Rating 6/10

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