6/10 · Chocolate · Ice cream

Walls Big Bite Ice Cream – Vanilla With Chocolate Sauce

I’ve finally got round to eating the third variant of the Walls Big Bite ice creams after cookie and strawberry – vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.
Again the ice cream is the same, quite a plain, soft serve vanilla ice cream which alone isn’t the greatest of ice creams but for £1 it’s fine!
My recurring complaint with these tubs though, is the amount of filling or sauce. I had the original swirl you can see in the photo then it disappeared until about half way through. The first few mouthfuls were pretty disappointing, the chocolate sauce didn’t stand out at all and it was just a bit plain and boring.
The end of the tub was absoloutly jam packed with chocolate sauce however. I didn’t manage to take a picture before I ate it all (whoops) but it was actually quite a rich, sweet sauce and was very chocolatey. If all of the ice cream had been like this it would have been my favourite. It tastes like ice cream sundaes I’d get as a kid, not many shop bought ice creams do I find and while this isn’t as nice as other brands available if your looking for a bit of nostalgia, these fit the bill quite nicely.
Rating 6/10

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