8/10 · Ice cream

The Licktators Marshmallow Law Ice Cream

I can’t tell you how excited I was to try this ice cream. I’ve bought it on my last three or four Ocado orders but the first time round I made the mistake of letting my other half try it before me. He decided it was his favourite thing ever and it’s barely made it in the freezer every other time. I could never justify paying £10 for two 500ml tubs so I’ve never managed to try it, however it appears The Co-Op have started stocking Lickator ice creams now at a much more reasonable £3 and the ice cream thief appeared home with two tubs so I finally got a look in!
This tub is called Marshmallow Law Marshmallow ice cream – a marshmallow flavour dairy ice cream with pink and white marshmallows.
The ice cream is more of a baby pink than a bright neon and didn’t smell too strong so before I’d eaten any I was a bit skeptical. Although I couldn’t smell too much marshmallow the flavour was certainly there, it’s a pretty strong flavour without being too sweet. It has quite a deep, warm taste if that makes sense and while I’ve never actually tried toasted marshmallows it’s exactly how I’d expect them to taste. Most recently I tried the Cadbury marshmallow ice cream and you can’t compare the two – the ice cream flavour is much nicer and the quality is much better. It’s lovely and creamy, thick and while still quite firm was scoopable straight away. The ice cream has a lovely melt, it’s quite rich but again without being too much. I should probably point out the other half/ice cream thief is actually lactose intolerant and very rarely ate ice cream, if he did he never finishes it but this tub doesn’t last half an hour!
There were lots of marshmallows in my pint, all evenly distributed and they’re very reasonably sized – no mini marshmallows here. To be honest it’s quite hard to distinguish the difference in flavour of the ice cream and marshmallows, they aren’t flavourless but the ice cream is spot on so the two taste the same. I didn’t mind though as for me it’s all about the texture. There were no frozen marshmallows, everyone I got was soft, fluffy and chewy and compliment that thick ice cream well.
This is a very moreish ice cream! Hopefully the other flavours are just as nice because I have a custard and doughnut waiting in the freezer for me…
Rating 8/10

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