7/10 · Yogurt

The Collective Duples – Black Cherry

In my opinion, The Collective yoghurts are the best out there. Not only has every flavour I’ve tried been delicious but they’re good for you too – filled with cultures, a very reasonable excuse to eat as much as I can!
Up until recently you could buy 500g or individual pots of the flavours and small pouches called Suckies which are aimed at kids with no bits or pulps. They’ve just released these new Duples though which are basically The Collectives version of a Corner or Split Pot.
There are three available; Scottish Raspberry + seeds, nibs’n’coconut, Passionfruit + toasted granola and the tub I chose, Black Cherry + dark Belgian choccy curls.
I tried each part alone before mixing them all together, I wasn’t suprised to find the yoghurt itself up to the The Collectives usual standards, plain but still creamy tasting, thick and rich.
The Black Cherry compote on the bottom was good, a sweet cherry flavour that wasn’t that strong in the tiny spoonful I scooped out but I didn’t want to eat too much before I’d stirred it in.
The chocolate was lucky it wasn’t eaten completely before it got a chance to be tipped in the other section of the tub! I do like a nice bit of dark chocolate and this hit the spot. A small amount of sweetness and not quite bitter (it’s only 53% so toward the lower end of a dark chocolate) but it’s worlds away from a milk. The difference between the chocolate here and the chocolates used in other corner type yoghurts is ridiculous, this tasted like chocolate I’d happily eat as chocolate, not sugar and fat flavoured like chocolate thrown in as an afterthought to a yoghurt.
It doesn’t look very attractive all stirred up together but these things never do!
Once I wasn’t scared to get a proper spoonful I found the cherry flavour was perfectly strong enough and was fighting with the dark chocolate as to which was strongest. The sweetness of the cherry won out through the plain yoghurt but all I could taste for ages afterwards was the rich dark chocolate. I also found that the compote was ‘bitty’ which I loved and not only were there little pip like pieces but whole chunks of cherry which came as a very welcome suprise.
The chocolate really benefits from being stored in the fridge as it keeps a lovely, crunchy bite which both compliments and contrasts against the cherry compote and thick yoghurt.
This is another winner for me, both in taste and texture and I’m looking forward to trying the Passionfruit + Granola. I’ll give the Raspberry a swerve though – yuck coconut!

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