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Taylor’s Limited Edition Coffee High Voltage

Its 20 past 9 on a Saturday morning and I’ve decided to go for a time appropriate review this morning – Taylor’s of Harrogate limited edition High Voltage coffee.
I haven’t got a bag of this myself yet, my mum originally bought it for my dad as a bit of a joke (he has a very tiring job) – they’ve since stocked up and I’m finding excuses to pop in theirs everyday “oh if you’re making one, I’ll have a coffee”..
I don’t have the pack to hand, but this is the description online – ‘Handle with care! This ferocious coffee is our strongest ever, fully charged with the power of Indonesian robusta. It’s ultra high caff and we roast it ultra dark to match, unleashing formidable flavours of tobacco, cedar wood and clove.’
It’s rated as a 7, in comparison the Costa coffee you can buy and have at home is a 3 and I can’t remember ever seeing anything above a 5 on the shelves in a supermarket.
My usual morning coffee is another Taylor’s blend which is a 3, I do tend to stick to a darker roast so I wasn’t too worried about that. I’m also a total caffeine addict (I’m waffling about myself but it will make sense, hear me out) my job means I’m up and out at stupid o clock in the morning and although my doctor wouldn’t like to hear it I survive on coffee and energy drinks – to the point where I’ve built up a tolerance to caffeine now – give me a big can of Monster and I’ll still be asleep in 10 minutes.
So with all that considered I saw the High Voltage as a bit of a challenge.
First of all despite being ultra dark, this was so smooth. I can’t comment on what it will be like with milk as I’m a black coffee all the way girl, but this went down so well. Very rich, very smooth and none of the bitterness you might expect. We all had a little sip to start and were all surprised with how nice this was, even my mum who bulk bought 12 big bags of Starbucks Christmas blend thought it was delicious. As for the caffeine – wow. After drinking this I was like a hyperactive 8 year old on Christmas Eve, it definitely worked!!
My one and only criticism of this coffee is that it comes in a standard 227g bag. I’ve always thought (and correct me if I’m wrong) that you’re supposed to use coffee within a certain time once that bag is open? I decant it into coffee jars but it’s still best within a time frame I assumed. With the high caffeine in this product, if like me you just enjoy the taste of the coffee, I’m guessing it’s probably not a good idea to sit and drink cup after cup of this. So my one little issue is that I would like to see smaller bags of this so I wouldn’t caffeine overload while worrying about wasting it.
Good stuff!
Rating 9/10

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