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Taffy Mail Subscription Box – Part 4

Chewy Lemonhead Redrific 
How do they come up with these names? Next out of the Taffy Mail box were these Lemonhead Redrific sweets, chewy sweets with four flavours: Raspberry-Lemon, Watermelon, Wild Cherry and Strawberry.
The sweets are chewy but not necessarily a good type of chew – the kind where you’re picking bits out of your teeth for a while after.
Wild Cherry was amazing. Very strong like eating 100 Sour Cherry Haribos at once without the sourness. I don’t know if anyone else had the ridiculously cherry smelling cherry lipgloss when they were younger, but the flavour was how I imagined they would have tasted! The strongest (and probably nicest) cherry flavour sweet I’ve had.
I didn’t realise that I ate the strawberry until I’d had the other flavours. It had a nice, but quite dull flavour and was surprisingly weak for American standards.
Watermelon was ridiculous. I actually “wow”ed out loud when I ate it – it tasted like I was eating actual watermelon. Delicious.
Raspberry-lemon was the black sheep of the box. Initially all I could taste was the lemon, there was a slight raspberry aftertaste but I could have missed it had I not been waiting for it. A nice flavour but not really a ‘red’ one.
Skor is a milk chocolate bar with crisp butter toffee.
I liked the sound of this bar as I thought it sounded like Riesen and I have a slight addiction to those little chewy, chocolatey toffee cubes!
The bar already earned bonus points in my eyes for actually smelling like chocolate. And not only that but it smelt good too!
It’s long and thin and I got a sharp knife to cut it in half expecting a hard job like with the 100 Grand Bar.
I didn’t need to though as this was another very brittle bar. I literally touched the knife to the surface and it snapped clean in half. I should have realised then but I took a big bite expecting soft chewy toffee and bit through to my tounge and ended up with a mouthful of blood!
It’s a very crisp, hard toffee and there are little almond pieces dotted about that I could both taste and feel, so that made it nice and crunchy too. It has almost a burnt toffee taste and was very nice actually – buttery and rich to compliment the crisp and crunchy texture.
I once had a bag of mini Halloween chocolates that I just threw in the fridge and there were Crunchies in there, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried a refrigerated Crunchie but that’s the closest thing I can compare the texture to – albeit a thicker, buttery toffee version!
I thought I’d like this as I like Riesen but you can’t compare the two, they’re completely different. I liked this quite a bit – it is on the sweet side but the chocolate is pretty good (looking at the ingredients they used non fat milk then added milk fat… Why!?) and the toffee has a delicious buttery rich flavour. The crunchy almonds are the icing on the cake!

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