7/10 · 8/10 · Yogurt

Skyr Icelandic Style Yogurt

Recently in Asda I noticed a 4 for £2 offer on some new yoghurts, these included the Skyr layered yoghurts and Arla Protein yoghurts and so I bought 2 of each.
Firstly I tried the Skyr layered with Nordic mixed berries. Looking on the tub these mixed berries are Red Currants, Lingonberries, Strawberries, Blueberries and Sour Cherrys.
They fruit is layered at the bottom so I started just on the plain yoghurt, it’s fat free which usually means high sugar but also has reduced sugar and is high in protein so as far as I can see seems a pretty healthy option. It’s very, very thick and reminded me of Greek yoghurt but without the tang, so depending on your preferences that could be a positive or negative. It’s just a plain yoghurt and tasted fine to me, although it could be a little boring and I probably wouldn’t choose to eat it alone myself – good for if you’re dieting or on a health kick though.
The mixed berry layer on the bottom is delicious, with all the berries included it’s hard to pick which one stood out the most but together they are sweet and juicy and added a lovely juicy sweetness to the plain yogurt. It’s not just a sauce though it has large chunks of actual fruit, and the change in texture and sweetness cut through the top layer beautifully.
I’ll definitely buy this flavour again.
Rating 8/10
The strawberry flavour is much of the same, one slight difference I noticed was that I couldn’t smell the strawberry when I peeled the lid back. As expected the yoghurt is exactly the same.
This contains only 7.5% strawberries but the layer at the bottom seems more than that. Again it’s a chunky, sweet strawberry layer that I would happily eat by itself! It tastes so fresh especially considering this one has another 12 days before the use by date.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this yogurt – if I’d eaten it first it would have rated an 8, but after trying the mixed berries I had yesterday I can’t rate this higher.
Rating 7/10
I was actually going to try a Protein Yogurt in between the two Skyr flavours but my fiancée ate them before I got a chance! Interestingly Skyr is also an Arla brand and seems to me to be the female aimed product with the huge “20g OF PROTEIN” stamped all over the other tub, aimed at men. If this is Arla’s goal it obviously works!!
Edit: I know these are reduced sugar, but I ate these around 2pm and come 5pm I was having a serious sugar crash – much more so than after I have a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar with my lunch!!

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