7/10 · Limited edition · Toffee

Sainsburys Toffee Apple

Remember, remember the fifth of November!
I had a bad experience a couple of weeks or so ago with a Parrs Milk Chocolate Covered Apple that I bought in Tesco, there was a toffee apple version that I wanted to try in time for Bonfire Night but I decided to go with Sainsbury’s own this time round, thanks to the poor quality of the apple previously.
I couldn’t smell much apart from sugar, Mr.1T tried to bite into his first but immediately had to give up due to a few fake teeth and some seriously sticky toffee.
The toffee coating is deceptively thin and didn’t have much of a proper toffee flavour, more of a sugary syrupy taste but despite this I enjoyed it much more than the chocolate apple. The toffee has a much shorter shelf life and it was actually best before the day after I ate this (the chocolate had about 5 days left on it) but it tasted so much fresher;  sweet, juicy apple – the kind that leaves juices dripping everywhere! I think it was probably because of the sharp, almost brittle toffee but it had a much crisper bite. The apple was still a little soft for my liking but nothing like the mushiness from before.
Much better!

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