Otis Spunkmeyer – Blueberry Muffin

The fourth and final Otis Spunkmeyer muffin is Blueberry. As I said before chocolate has always been my choice of muffin but blueberry is one of the most popular flavours around the world and one that you’ll find without fail wherever muffins are sold so it must be a good pairing!
The now familiar buttery scent was all I could immediately smell once I’d opened the wrapper. Unlike with the Lemon and White Chocolate Muffin I soon smelt the blueberry too, it wasn’t as strong as the muffin itself but it was clear that this wasn’t a plain muffin – if it wasn’t obvious enough from the huge blueberry chunks on the top and dotted throughout!
Chances are you’ve read my previous Otis Spunkmeyer muffin reviews so I’ll keep the description of the muffin itself to a minimum; moist, light, soft and buttery and despite actually having quite a solid feel isn’t stodgy at all.
Not only were there lots of blueberries but they were huge too. They were lovely and fresh tasting with a real juicy, fruity, natural blueberry flavour. Not only did they really add a delicious flavour to the rest of the muffin but the size of the pieces meant I really noticed the texture change, the slightly chewy chunks shone through the melt in the mouth muffin and I really looked forward to finding the bigger chunks hidden in each mouthful.
I’ve really been missing out sticking to just chocolate!!
Rating 8/10

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