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Oreo – Peanut Butter and Golden

I’m thinking of doing a themed week this week as I seem to have found myself surrounded by American snacks, chocolate and sweets.
I haven’t had very good past experiences with chocolate from the USA so fingers crossed some of the stuff I’ll be trying this week will be better!
I’ve decided to kick the week off with two different flavoured Oreos. Now they’re not new really, both have been available over the pond for years now I think, and they have been sold here in the UK but at extortionate prices. The people behind Oreo have decided to sell these over here now as a standard biscuit rather than an import for a while.
The reason I’ve avoided any other flavoured Oreos before is I couldn’t justify paying those prices when I consider the original Oreo a slight step up to the (South African apparently?) Romany Cream you get in the Mcvities biscuit barrels at Christmas and in my honest (controversial) opinion not as tasty as its English cousins the Bourbon and Custard Cream.
Vanilla and peanut butter aren’t flavours I usually look for in my biscuits but at 54p a pack in Morrisons they were a bit of a bargain!
I don’t know about anyone else but I have specific ways I like to eat certain things. Anything like an Oreo, Bourbon etc. has to be pulled apart, hopefully getting a clean break and all the cream on one biscuit and then the cream is either licked or bitten away or I use the plain biscuit as a scoop. I’m strange I know. For the sake of reviewing though, I only ate half like that and ate the other half ‘properly’.
I started with the Peanut Butter flavour, as another of my habits means I have to eat from least favourite (flavour, texture, colour) to most and if you’ve read my blog before you’ll know I’m not too keen on peanut butter.
At first sniff, while the biscuits were still in the packet the main scent was of the cocoa biscuits and they smelt like an ordinary Oreo. Once I’d separated the halves and got to the cream though that changed. The peanut butter cream was all I could smell, as I avoid it I can’t tell you wether it smells authentic but that didn’t end up mattering really anyway. As per the rules I tried the cream first. My first thought was why is it gritty? Again I’m not sure if it’s a supposed to be a crunchy peanut butter or if some biscuit crumbs had crept in but it was an unexpected texture.
The flavour of the cream was very peanutty and just as expected but the issue came when I ate the biscuit as intended. The cocoa flavour overwhelmed the peanut completely, there was a mild taste of peanut butter at the very start and end of each mouthful but the majority was cocoa.
Good for me and my 54p wasn’t wasted – I’ll eat the rest but not so good if you’re a peanut butter lover. These would probably suit the Double Stuff Oreos better.
Next up is as the Golden Oreo, a biscuit with vanilla filling. They smelt very sweet in the pack and unlike the former I could smell the vanilla before I’d split the halves.
After the strength of the peanut butter, the vanilla taste was lacking in the cream. It wasn’t anywhere near as strong as it smelt and in comparison seemed quite plain.
The biscuits are sweet but the description just calls them sandwich biscuits so there’s no vanilla to be found there. Eaten as a whole, again the vanilla was more of an aftertaste and it’s tasty but not strong enough for my liking.
Rating 6/10
Just as an end note, these are the two flavours Unilever have chosen to give us.
These are the flavours the USA or the rest of the world have – Chocolate, Coconut Delight, Strawberry Milkshake, Strawberry, Green Tea, Lemon Ice, Creamsicle, Ice Cream Rainbow Sherbert, Reeses Peanut Butter, Double Delight (2 flavours), Cool Mint Creme, Banana Split, Dulche De Leche, Birthday Cake, Birthday Cake Fudge Dipped Vanilla, Gingerbread, Lemon Twist, Neapolitan, Watermelon, Limeade, Fruit Punch, Cookie Dough, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Red Velvet, Cotton Candy, S’mores, Root Beer Float, Key Lime Pie, Marshmallow Crispie, Cookies & Creme, Fudge Covered and White Fudge Covered.
And those are the two they gave us.

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