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Odds and Sods Part 3

Chips Ahoy Crispy Choco Caramel
These have been out for a while, at first in Asda I think but they’re everywhere now and I finally picked some up. I do enjoy biscuits but cookies aren’t at the top of my list, I’m quite partial to chocolate digestives (preferably dark chocolate), cookies I can take or leave. After trying the Cadbury Chips Ahoy bar and reading all the hype about the original cookie in America I wanted to try them and while we for some reason don’t have the original cookie we do have this Crispy Choco Caramel version as well as a popcorn one.
The packs quite big and there are 12 cookies in each pack, while they’re not that wide these are thick chunky cookies.
Chocolate is definitely the main flavour in this cookie but the caramel shines through too. This is a rich, sweet, moist cookie, sometimes I find cookies a bit dry which is why I tend to avoid them but this isn’t at all and the crispy pieces add a bit of extra texture. These are incredibly moreish, I really hope Chips Ahoy bring out the original version!
Rating 8/10
Thorntons Fabulous Fudge
This is one of two new(ish) bar from Thorntons, the other being milk chocolate with toffee pieces. As far as I’m aware they’re only sold in W H Smiths at the moment and have been for a while, it’s taken me this long to find a W H Smiths where they don’t keep the chocolate bars only at the tills –  why do they do that? Sometimes I just want to buy chocolate and I’m not queuing up incase there’s none I like!
This is a standard 100g bar, separated into even blocks of 3 apart from 1 larger block at the end which could be a little annoying if you’re portioning this out but I ate it all in one go so…
This isn’t advertised on the Thorntons website and my lovely fiancée managed to throw the wrapper away before I’d even finished this so I don’t have the specifics on this but I’m pretty sure it’s a fudge flavoured milk chocolate with extra fudge pieces inside. The chocolate is nice and sweet and the fudge pieces are a lovely add in. Once the chocolate has melted in your mouth you’re left with chewy fudge, a nice change from the usual crunch that’s added to bars. I really like the flavours and textures of this, and the fact it only cost me £1 made it even better.
Rating 7/10
Thorntons Special Toffee Milk Choclolate.
I do like toffee but if it came head to head with fudge it would lose every time. Normally.
This is the other Thorntons sharing block, the basics are the same as the as the fudge bar –  once again my OCD fiancée had thrown the packet away before I’d even finished the bar so I can’t give you the finer details.
There are toffee pieces dotted throughout, I had a generous and evenly spaced amount – sometimes, like ice cream, I find some parts have more and others none but that wasn’t the case here. The toffee flavour is good, I enjoy Thorntons fudge and toffee anyway and I think this is the same recipe used in the bar. As with the fudge bar the chocolate melts away to leave crunchy chewy toffee pieces and for the first time this beats fudge for me!
Rating 8/10
Angel Delight Bubblegum Flavour
I absolutely loved Angel Delight as a kid, my mum used to make it for me and my sister and we had special fancy glass bowls she used to dish it up in, looking back now they were just ordinary glass bowls but I remember feeling very grown up! I still eat Angel Delight from time to time now, I’ll write online it’s nostalgic but really I think it’s still quite nice ;-).
I picked this up in Tesco about a week and a half ago and I put it off for a while because after I’d thought about it I didn’t really fancy the idea of a bubblegum flavour, it’s strange to me.
Anyway I opened this up and they’ve got the smell spot on, it’s very strong, very overpowering and very bubblegum. Infact it’s so bubblegum-y that it actually put me off a bit. It smells just like Hubba Buuba, artificial and I swear you can just smell the sugar and I couldn’t really see how that would be nice in a mousse/dessert/whatever Angel Delight is classed as nowadays.
Fortunately (unfortunately?)  after I made this and was leaving it for the five minutes to set someone came round so I popped it in the fridge and didn’t get back to it for 2 hours. When I opened the fridge everything smelt of bubblegum, the smell had just overtaken everything and despite really not wanting this I got stuck in.
I’m not sure if it’s because I left it a lot longer to set than you’re supposed to or if it’s because I put it in the fridge or maybe it’s just like this, but the taste was extremely muted compared to the smell. This was a good thing for me! I could taste the bubblegum but it was very dull, I wonder if this is the same base as the strawberry version just with added flavour because every now and then it tasted very similar.
This was Ok but it’s not something I’d buy again, if anyone has tried it and has a different experience to me please let me know as I really think the two hour gap affected it.

Rating 6/10

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