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Odds and Sods Part 2

I love B and M, I love all the random crap they sell, I love how cheap it is for things I actually need like storage boxes but I mostly love the food aisles! I always find random chocolates, biscuits or tins of food that I never see anywhere else (sometimes I think I know the reason for that) and I can’t help buying things.
My first buy was the Baileys Truffle Bar.
This bar is made by Lir and it’s a funny size, while it’s 80g so still bigger than your usual single serving chocolate bar and a bit smaller than a normal block or slab this is really thin so it feels smaller than it is.
It looked good getting it out albeit a bit waxy but nothing out of the ordinary.
I was dissapointed in this bar, I shouldn’t have expected much considering it was cheap for a ‘sharing’ bar but the chocolate was very basic. It tasted to me like the cheaper chocolate you get when you buy a bar with a boy band (no names) on the front or the pound shop christmas decorations. That wouldn’t have really mattered if the filling was especially good, but I didn’t think it was to be honest. I got the alcohol flavouring and I think once out of the whole bar I got an actual taste of something like Baileys but very underwhelming overall.
Rating 5/10
My second purchase was the Nestle Kit Kat Chunky White.
 I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new bar but I’d not tried it before and I’m on a bit of a Kit Kat kick after the Kit Kat double caramel so I grabbed myself one.
This bar is back to the three chunks and the white chocolate looks identical to Nestles other white chocolates.
The bar smells very sweet and as you can see in the picture it does have quite a thick covering of white chocolate over the wafer pieces. I bit a teeny bit off the end to see what the chocolate is like alone and it tasted just like a Milky Bar. I’m guessing (and I’ll look this up or if anyone knows please comment!) that this is the same chocolate used. I’m glad I tried it alone because I couldn’t taste it at all once I ate it with the wafers. This surprised me as with a normal Kit Kat Chunky the wafer/choc ratio is pretty good but even with as (sickly) sweet as the white chocolate is it just doesn’t stand out enough. This is a OK bar but I won’t go out of my way to look for it again.

Rating 6/10

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