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Nakd Nibbles

Nakd are a company that make healthy food, up until now I’ve only tried their versions of cereal bars and despite the fact they actually are a ‘proper’ healthy version (not just low fat high sugar) I find them to be delicious and a lot more filling than other brands.
I noticed these little bags of fruit and nut nibbles on the same shelf as the bars, I say little but they weigh 40 grams so more than most bags of crisps. All three bags are also wheat, dairy and gluten free if any of those are an issue, 100% vegan, 1 of your 5 a day and have no added sugar or syrups.
Toffee Treat
I’ve included in my nakd reviews in the past the ingredients list as they’re so tiny and it’s the same here – 50% dates, 23% cashews, 18% raisins, 5% cocoa, rice flour and natural flavourings.
There was a definite cocoa scent when I opened Toffee Treat and at first I thought my bag smelt more chocolatey than toffee. The nibbles aren’t very pretty, they look like the bars chopped up into little chunks and half way through I noticed mine looked like tiny black puddings! They’re soft and chewy – it was a very moreish texture I could happily sit chewing these for ages. I could taste the toffee despite not really smelling it, it’s a nice toffee flavour – it’s not strong and you can tell its natural but it’s very enjoyable and they’re sweet without being overly so.
The only negative I could find with these is that they got a little boring when I was eating in review mode – literally one at a time, once I started eating them properly (aka shoving them in) that soon stopped. The back of the packet suggests different ways of eating them, how I did sweetie style or sprinkled over things and I can imagine these would be lovely with a yoghurt or porridge.
compared to normal bags of sweets 6/10
As a healthy snack 8/10
Salted caramel
The ingredients are even smaller here – 54% dates, 24% cashews, 18% raisins, rice flour, salt and natural flavourings.
The caramel scent is strongest here, but this packet disappointed me slightly. Up until the point where I stopped reviewing and started scoffing (when will I learn?) the caramel flavour and salt seemed to be missing, when eaten one at a time I couldn’t taste the salt at all and the caramel was very mild so I’m not sure this is one I would sprinkle over anything else. When I ate a few together the salted caramel did arrive and while tasty it’s the first Nakd flavour that didn’t wow me and is the only one so far to me that you can tell its a healthy treat. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but for pure tastiness I’d choose the others over this. Don’t get me wrong they did get nice and caramel-y and salty but by the time this happened I’d finished the packet. Maybe this is a flavour that would do well in a larger sharing sized bag.
Rating 6/10
Strawberries & cream
 Ingredients wise it’s the same as the salted caramel bag except for 1% more raisins and no salt.
I’d unknowingly left the best till last with this bag – the smell of strawberry was overwhelming and I had to leave the room half way through, when I came back in it was literally all I could smell. Thankfully the taste more than meets the scent. Its a delicious, natural tasting strawberry – very sweet and flavourful. There’s not just strawberry though and I could taste the ‘cream’ (although being dairy free I’m not sure what flavourings they use) but it was mild and the strawberry did overpower it at times. And for the first time it didn’t matter wether I ate one or five each they were seriously strawberry.
This version seemed chewier to me, I’m not sure why as they were stored exactly the same and the ingredients are near identical so maybe I imagined that.
I found these incredibly moreish to the point I was a bit gutted when I finished them and despite the suggestion on the pack, when not if, I buy these again I won’t waste them by sprinkling these are delicious on their own.
Rating 8/10

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