Nakd Nibbles – Fruit Salad

Just a small post for now and it’s an extra to the Nakd Fruit & nut nibbles post, found here.
Before I start I can’t praise Nakd enough. Recently I’ve had a family member become quite ill and as a result we’ve had to find low salt and sodium foods for her. Real food is pretty easy but her sweet tooth matches mine so snacks have been a nightmare. Proper dark chocolate has no salt but Cadbury Bournville is as dark as she’ll go and so it’s been hard. I’ve preached about the healthy side of Nakd before but I was delighted to realise that, with the exception of salted caramel, the nibbles and bites have no salt! We gave her some and she absolutely loved them so nice one Nakd!!
On to the review, I finally found the Fruit Salad packet, all the shops near me only stock the toffee, salted caramel and strawberry packs so that’s why this is a bit late.
Texture and looks wise they’re identical to the previous bags aswell as in ingredients so I’ll stick to the flavour.
I’m unsure as to what each individual fruit flavour is as its not listed and none seemed to stand out above the rest but these were delicious. It’s a lovely fruity jumble that’s lovely and sweet and seems almost summery in taste. As usual a tasty, healthy product from Nakd and one I’ll buy again.
Rating 7/10

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