5/10 · Yogurt

Muller Pud Corner

The two new Müller pud corners came out a while ago but I’ve waited until I saw single tubs for sale before buying which is why my review is a little late.
They’re quite small for Müller corners at only 85g but they do for a quick snack and for the health conscious are made with over 75% skimmed milk – something I wish I’d noticed before buying these.
First up I tried Toffee with milk chocolate coated digestives.
I tried the chocolate digestive balls first and they were pretty tasty. They did actually taste like tiny little balls of chocolate digestives so that’s that.
Next I tried the dairy dessert (not yoghurt), and it threw me straight away. Firstly, the dessert was so watery. Some Müller yoghurts, especially the light ones, do develop a bit of a watery film on the top so I saved my judgement on the texture for once I’d stirred it all up. But the flavour was what really confused me with that first mouthful. I double checked I’d picked the right one, as my first impression on the flavour was coffee!? Toffee and coffee might sound alike but they aren’t really two flavours that taste alike, strange.
Once I’d mixed it all in the coffee flavour disappeared,maybe I just picked the one weirdly flavoured part out of the whole part but more likely the whole concentration of flavour was on that one spoon. To put it nicely (honestly) the dairy dessert was kind of crap. It was far too watery and that has to be because skimmed milk is used. Does anyone even drink skimmed milk? It’s just barely milk flavoured water and if it’s used here to keep the calories down its pointless, maybe next time they should just put a few less biscuits in. The rest of the tub the dessert had no flavour – coffee/toffee or anything it was plain and the only redeeming feature was the small crunchy chocolate digestives. Thankfully I had a lot of them. Next time though I’ll just buy a packet of chocolate digestives though.
Rating 5/10
I put off the chocolate with milk & white coated cereal balls for as long as I could but it’s only got a couple of days left in date and I was hungry so I gave in and ate it.
Once again I tried the milk and white chocolate coated cereal balls first, to pay extreme attention to detail I noticed the white were slightly sweeter and the milk chocolate a little milkier but to be perfectly honest I couldn’t tell the difference mixed in the dessert.
I didn’t bother trying the dessert separately beforehand, judging by previous experience I wasn’t missing out on much.
As I said at the start, these corners are slightly smaller and normally I wouldn’t moan but while they’ve reduced the amount of dessert you get, you still get the same amount of pieces to mix in. While that’s good because the mix ins are the tasty part it makes it ridiculously hard to actually mix them in.
This is actually after I’d stirred them in and so I was left with two options the first I tried – carry on mixing – and ended up with small cereal balls all over the table and floor. The second I was reluctantly left with, the top layer an extremely sweet 90% cereal pieces mixed with a little dessert and the bottom layer a watery, flavourless cereal-less dessert. As I expected, the dessert was just as disappointing as the toffee corner.
Another 5/10. And only because of the amount of mix ins

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