6/10 · Yogurt

Muller Light Dessert Inspired – Apple Pie

I finally got around to trying the Apple Pie variety of the Dessert Inspired range from Müller light today, I reviewed Banoffee Pie here but I’ve been putting off trying this one. I’m not a fan of apple pie to be honest, I love apples, not so much pie but you can’t buy these separately at the moment.
This time round the yogurt had developed that horrible watery layer, nothing a good stir didn’t fix. It does look similar to the Banoffee Pie albeit slightly less yellow but it’s not apple green thank God!
Again the cake pieces are plentiful, they aren’t as big as they were before but it doesn’t really make any difference.
This yogurt really confused me. I had a mouthful and couldn’t really taste apple, then I got the aftertaste which was pure apple. It kind of carried on this way again throughout the tub, some mouthfuls being a lot stronger than others but the overall flavour – when I took proper spoonfuls and wasn’t rooting around for cake – is quite an artificial apple. It’s weird but it’s an addictive artificial taste, it wouldn’t stand up against the real deal but I liked it here!
Towards the end I started finding pieces with a different texture to the cake and noticed that this was where the flavour was more concentrated. On the ingredients list there are two separate apples, one being a vague “Apple (3.5% )” and so I’m going to guess that there are little pieces of this in here. You can’t tell to look though, as they’re roughly the same size and shape as the cake and once it’s all covered in the yogurt the same colour too.
I didn’t really like the idea of an apple pie yogurt, but it wasn’t actually bad. I wouldn’t buy it as a stand alone, but as I won’t give these away the next time I want to buy the multipack with the banoffee.
Hopefully now I don’t have to continuously keep writing apple it will start to sound like a real word again!
Rating 6/10

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