7/10 · Coffee · Yogurt

Muller Corner Mochaccino Yoghurt

Today I’ve tried the new Müller corner Mochaccino, one of many new flavours Müller are throwing at us lately. This one however, isn’t necessarily here to stay. It’s the first of two in a vote to stay/win promotion that I think are exclusive to Tesco.

The Mochaccino corner is coffee flavoured yoghurt with dark chocolate coffee biscuits.
For strong coffee lovers the flavour may be too mild, it certainly tastes like coffee but compared to The Collective coffee yoghurt it’s not very strong at all. That said, if you’re not a fan of coffee you won’t like this – while not too strong there’s no mistaking it. The yoghurt itself is thick and creamy, it’s not a Müller Light so the consistency isn’t watery. Müller doesn’t do bad yoghurt considering its one of the ‘cheaper’ flavoured brands.
The biscuits are what confused me, the packaging says coffee biscuits – what does this mean? Coffee flavoured biscuits? Biscuits that go well with coffee? I don’t know but after trying one alone I couldn’t taste any coffee. The dark chocolate was a good idea I think, not only does the slightly darker taste compliment the coffee yoghurt well but it means they look like little coffee beans too. The texture is good too, they’re slightly crisper and crunchier than the other corners I’ve had recently and while the yoghurt masked the chocolate taste at times the crunchiness shone through the smooth yogurt.
My local Tesco only had this version in stock but I’ll be looking for the other to compare.
So far so good!
Rating 7/10

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