6/10 · Chocolate · Foreign Foods

Milk Duds

Carrying on the American theme this week, today I’m reviewing Milk Duds.
They’re not new at all but I’ve always avoided them in the past as the name doesn’t sound too appetising. The name Milk Duds apparently comes from the amount of milk in the recipe and the fact that they were originally intended to be perfect circles which couldn’t be achieved – hence duds.
They are basically a caramel encased in milk chocolate, which I usually love and are pretty well known around the world from TV, films and the like.
The pack I bought was 52g so a medium sized box but they are quite large – you get less in numbers than you do in a smaller sized box of Poppets for example.
My first impressions were that they taste like a plainer version of the generic chocolate covered toffees you find in any pic’n’mix or sweet shop. They were a hell of a lot chewier and sticker than those though! They took forever to get through as after each one I was picking little bits of caramel out from between my teeth.
The flavour was OK, they’re not the strongest, tastiest caramel and I do prefer similar sweets I’ve tried in England. I’m pretty sure these are pushed towards being a type of ‘movie theatre candy’ in America though, I’ve seen online mixes made up of Milk Duds mixed in with popcorn and M&M’s and for that they’d be perfect. While they’re lacking in any real flavour they are perfect for mindless munching infront of a film and with how long this small box took to eat, a bigger box could easily last through the whole thing!
Rating 6/10

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