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Maryland Soft Baked Cookies

It seems Maryland Cookies are upping their game since Chips Ahoy entered the UK market! First (and before Chips Ahoy were released I believe) came Gooeys and now we have Soft Baked. Both packets promise “Because we’re baked so soft and scrummy, we may stick together but we’re just as yummy!” Each pack contains 8 biscuits and I did have a couple that were stuck together but they were pulled apart easily enough.
Double Choc Chunk Cookies and Caramel & Choc Chunk Cookies
I’ll start the review with exactly as the packet describes them the first being soft baked cookies containing chocolate chunks, looking at the ingredients the chunks make up 10% of the cookie. The other is Soft baked cookies containing chocolate chunks and caramel pieces, these cookies have 9% chocolate chunks and 5% caramel pieces.
These are pretty big cookies (please ignore the white dots on the double chocolate cookie, they’re crumbs from my shortbread, whoops!) and as promised they’re very soft, they feel like when you take freshly baked cookies out of they oven a little bit too early and can’t wait for them to cool down! The double chocolate certainly smelt very chocolatey and I could smell caramel faintly once I’d got the cookies out of the pack. I’ve included two pictures of the double chocolate so you can see they do have quite a few chunks but with flash on the cookie looked a bit white, it didn’t in reality though.
The cookies taste good, the caramel flavour compliments the chocolate well and you really can’t go wrong with double chocolate, but the texture was a little off for me. It felt like a freshly baked cookie but it felt weird being cold so I had a brainwave and stuck the second halves in the microwave for 20 seconds. Wow wow wow!! 20 seconds in a microwave and these cookies jumped from a 6 (very tasty but not memorable) to a solid 8! They taste like I’d just taken them from the oven, warm soft cookies with dripping gooey caramel and melted runny chocolate. The cookie itself stayed soft and moist and the chocolate and caramel chunks melted nicely and the flavour intensified if anything. I’ll buy these again for sure.
Rating 8/10

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