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Lidl Christmas Treats Part 1

Today’s reviews are the first two products I picked up from Lidls Christmas range. As Lidl are a German company and lots of my favourite Christmas treats are traditionally German, they seem a little more authentic and a lot cheaper too!
Favorina Gingerbread Assortment 
It’s only been recently I’ve developed a real taste for Gingerbread and I couldn’t resist this big assorted bag.
There were a few different types in the bag but they all had a soft, chewy biscuit base with a delicious warm gingerbread flavour. The small ones with sprinkles had a lovely little sweet crunch added that played off against the spiced gingerbread nicely, the plainer ones with a chocolate drizzle on top had a solid, slightly dark thin chocolate bottom – the gingerbread was strongest but there was just enough to differentiate it from a plain biscuit. The coloured ones didn’t have any difference in flavour, the sugary icing was good, very sweet but balanced against the chocolate bottom and biscuit centre made for a sweet, spiced, warm, rich delicious mouthful mash up! It sounds like there’s a lot going on but they all really blend well together.
These were amazing, so addictive and moreish and the bags gone already! I’ve read they tend to sell out quickly so I hope there’s some left when I get a chance to get back into Lidl.
Lidl Deluxe Butter Fudge with Christmas Spices  
I’m a sucker for fudge, I’ve tried the original Lidl Deluxe Butter Fudge and really enjoyed it so this was always going to end up in my basket.
This is a spiced butter fudge with raisins, glacé cherries and brandy. The spices are ground cinnamon and nutmeg and suprisingly this was what I could smell – especially the cinnamon.
The fudge was the same as in the plain version. Firm, crumbly, buttery, rich and creamy. This is authentic traditional fudge, if you’re used to Lonka/Candy King style fudge – plastic feeling, hard and chewy (don’t get me wrong I like Lonka fudge but it’s definitely low end stuff), then don’t expect anything resembling that at all. A very tasty fudge base but it was pushing my limits for sweetness. The spices are certainly very Christmassy tasting especially with the slight brandy flavour thrown in the mix. There were a few chewy raisins but not many and not enough to make a dent in the Christmas/butter fudge flavours. The glacé cherries were a different story altogether. My box was seriously lacking on both the raisin/cherry front, but in the whole box I had ONE glacé cherry. The one you can see in the photo. The one that wasn’t even inside any fudge, just sitting on top. Thankfully the other flavours were good enough to make up for it but I was very dissapointed!
Overall there was a very festive flavour to the fudge – it tasted like Christmas for sure – and the quality was good and extremely buttery but it ended up sickeningly sweet. If I’d stopped at one or two (and had cherries and raisins as promised) this would be a 7/10 but the pure amount of sugar (ingredients; sugar, butter, sweetened condensed milk, glucose syrup, partially inverted sugar syrup, raisins, brandy, glacé cherries, flavouring) was too much. I know fudge is just sugar, butter and milk but come on!

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