6/10 · 8/10 · Yogurt

Liberte Greek Style Yoghurts

There are a few new Liberté yoghurts that have been released recently and I picked two of them up to try, Muesli & Summer Fruits and Seeds & Mixed Berries.
First up was Muesli & Summer Fruits – a low fat strained Greek style yoghurt with red fruits muesli.
The ingredients have confused me a little, I’m unsure if this is actually a plain yoghurt with the fruit added to it or a fruit flavoured yoghurt but either way it has a delicious taste. Strawberry is the main fruit and to me the main taste too, it’s sweet, fresh and despite being low fat is thick and creamy.
The muesli and summer berries could have been just an added bonus but they are delicious too. The muesli is chunky, chewy and give a nice little bite that cuts through the thick yoghurt beautifully. The textures work very well together and made for a very filling snack despite this being quite a small pot.
There was certainly a lot of muesli in my yoghurt, sometimes you find a small layer on the top or bottom of any mix ins like this, but these were everywhere throughout. Mixed together this all gives a very thick texture which I absolutely loved. I’ll be buying more of this flavour as not only is it filling and convenient but it actually tasted good too!
Rating 8/10
Next I tried Seeds & Mixed Berries. The description says yoghurt on a layer of berries and seeds but I get hangry and eat without noticing so initially I thought I’d got a duff pack when I peeled the lid back.
Although it looked like an ordinary plain yoghurt I could smell the berries straight away, unlike the muesli pot there was none that stood out especially, it just smelt like a lovely fruity mix. Aswell as appearance it tasted like an ordinary Greek style yoghurt too, very thick with a slight tang though it is slightly creamier than other brands I’ve tried recently. There was a mildly sweet aftertaste where the berry layer had penetrated through a little.
I gave up and gave it a stir (I know you’re supposed to but for reviewing purposes!!) and finally got through to the berry layer. It’s deliciously sweet and very fruity. As with the muesli version it tastes lovely and fresh and counters the plain yoghurt beautifully. There are sunflower, pumpkin and Lin seeds here and they are huge! They give an interesting sensation which I’ve not had with yoghurt before. The sunflower seeds are very crunchy and what I’m guessing are the Lin seeds (sorry I’ve never had them before) are chewy.
I was a little disappointed that no matter how much I stirred this yoghurt the fruit and seeds just kept sinking to the bottom. Percentage wise both tubs have a similar amount of filling and berries but the seeds tub tastes a lot more plain and a lot less substantial than the muesli which is surprising as muesli actually has less calories.
I wouldn’t buy this one again, it wasn’t that it isn’t nice just a bit boring and not as tasty as the first.
Rating 6/10

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