KP Frosted Honey Roast Nut Selection

A delectable combination of Honey Roast peanuts & cashews mixed with pieces of Belgian Milk Chocolate Honeycomb 
I always forget how much I love nuts. And you’ve all got filthy minds.
I avoid eating them in pubs, I read a study about how many people don’t wash their hands after using the toilet and you don’t even want to know what they found all over those little bowls of nuts at the bar! I inhale the bags of Marmite nuts when I actually remember to buy some and a couple of Christmas’s ago I was fighting a guest for the big bowl we put out – joke was on him, it was my mum and dads house and I knew where they kept the rest that didn’t fit!

Well it’s nearly Christmas again and as my eyes are always peeled for anything unfamiliar on the shelves, I spied this bag of KP mixed nuts amongst the usual suspects. I saw nuts, chocolate and Christmas trees so that was me sold!

My first handful was a mixture of nuts, salty as expected but with a sweet, honey flavour. The two nuts chosen went well together and I could feel as well as taste the difference between the peanuts and cashews.
Mr.1T took himself a large bowlful first and so I was left with the dregs of the bag, some of the chocolate honeycomb pieces were so small I couldn’t taste them against the lovely honey flavour of the nuts but the texture of the crunchy honeycomb stood out and although that’s three different types of crunch it wasn’t missing any chew. The larger pieces were a different ball game all together. The chocolate used is of a good quality and I could taste them at last against the strong salty, honey flavours. I always find with any nuts (as with the Walkers Marmite crisps!) it doesn’t matter what you eat with/before/after them, it’s always the nuts you can taste for a while after but surprisingly the sweet, milky chocolate was what hung around each each bite.
It didn’t come as a shock then, that after the strong honey, salty, chocolate flavours that any honeycomb taste was lost in the mix. The texture was noticable but they really could benefit from being a bit bigger.
I know trail mixes and the like are big buisness over in the US, I’ve seen ones sold with proper M&M’s in, I’m not sure why mixed bags of nuts/chocolate hasn’t really taken off here yet but I’m hoping it does soon. In the meantime I’ll be trying the other bag in the KP range and making my own for sure!

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