5/10 · Foreign Foods · Sweets

Jolly Rancher Chews

A while ago the lovely Lucy (@R4Rreviews & her blog) sent me the most amazing package, it was filled with a lot of my favourite things – fudge, chocolate, 4 of my long searched for Triple Chocolate Otis Spunkmeyer muffins, a couple of her favourite flapjacks and this box of Jolly Rancher Chews – she knows me so well!
The box contained five flavours; Blue Raspberry (apparently a standard flavour in the US, it’s been included in near enough every mixed flavoured bag of sweets I’ve had), Cherry, Green Apple and Watermelon.
The box was all sealed up and I had to physically tear it to get it open so I was a bit suprised to find the chews all individually wrapped – surely if the box is sealed and airtight it shouldn’t need it? The chews were quite sticky and so it was a pain in the backside getting the wrappers off, half still had a bit left on but eating a sweet wrapper has never killed anyone before..
The sweets have quite a hard chew, harder than a Chewit or Starburst but they do soften up. It’s a strange type of chew actually, my mouth was seriously watering while I was eating them but they left me feeling like I needed a glass of water as well.
Blue Raspberry had quite a strong raspberry flavour at times, it was pretty artificial tasting but weirdly at times tasted like Bubblegum too. I worked out the reason for that after I’d tried them all though..
Cherry was very subtle by American standards. At times it was quite plain tasting but had random bursts of a clear and quite strong cherry.
Green Apple was the saviour of the box. Juicy, strong and delicious – it doesn’t taste like you’re eating an actual apple by any means but there’s no mistaking it.
I was looking forward to Watermelon after trying it in the Lemonheads Redrific last week – it was near enough a perfect watermelon flavoured sweet so I hoped this would be the same. It wasn’t. It tasted like watermelon sure, but it was clearly made with a bunch of chemicals rather than real flavourings. I haven’t looked at the ingredients, I didn’t need to – I could taste it. Strong but not nice at all.
Apart from Green Apple I wasn’t keen on the flavours in the Jolly Ranchers Chews. All of them ended up tasting like bubblegum or chewing gum. I thought that was what I tasted initially in the Blue Raspberry, but I realised that they all taste like flavoured gum when the flavour has worn off.
And it’s only a 5 because I liked the Green Apple
Sorry Bakey!

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