9/10 · Chocolate · Ice cream

Joe Delucci’s Hazelnut & Chocolate

Mr.1T had the bright idea for us to have Frozen Thursday to go with our Pizza Friday and Sweets & Vodka Saturday’s.. I think he forgot he’s lactose intolerant.
For our first week we chose two Joe Delucci’s Gelato flavours, he went for Creme Caramel and I chose Hazelnut & Chocolate. I’ve heard a few people raving about Joe Delucci’s but I’ve always overlooked it as the previous pink and white packaging and the cheaper price made me think it would be a lower end more of a frozen dessert than ice cream – plus I like my mix ins and these are more of a ‘plain’ ice cream.
First of all, the actual ice cream is incredible. Thick and creamy, more like the most indulgent, luxurious mousse you can imagine than ice cream. It was perfectly scoopable immediately but although it was soft, in the time it took me to devour the whole pint it still never melted into that puddle of ice cream I usually end up with.
Both flavours are delicious, the chocolate isn’t as intense as I’ve had with other brands but it’s still a rich deep chocolate. The hazelnut is out of this world. Beautifully rich and with a wonderful hazelnut flavour; fans of Ben & Jerry’s All Or Nutting – this is a must and as much as it pains me to say this (sorry boys!) this is much better.
Chocolate and hazelnut will always be a winning combination but both individual flavours here are so good that this pint is another level. This is how you do ‘plain’ ice cream.
Just to touch on the quality of the ice cream again, Mr.1T’s lactose intolerance isn’t too bad. He’s fine with low fat cheese and yoghurt, any milk is generally a no-no but own brand and cheaper brand ice creams he’s usually fine with. Ben & Jerry’s give him a belly ache but the Joe Delucci’s Creme Caramel gave him one of the worst reactions he’s ever had – on par with the time he threw a strop and ordered Pizza Hut Cheesey Bites, cheesey garlic bread on the side and all washed down with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake! He was so annoyed this morning, I asked why thinking it was because of the migraine, stomach pains and flu like symptoms.. Nope! Turns out he’s gutted he won’t be able to have Joe Delucci’s again!

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