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Haribo Tropifrutti (Halal)

Normal business is resumed after my American themed week, the M&M’s have been postponed for a while and as its a Wednesday I have another foreign themed goodie to post about.
Today is the turn of Haribo Tropifrutti, I have the halal bag – to buy an ordinary, small, imported bag of Tropifrutti is around £3 but my local Turkish centre sells these for 50p so halal it is! As far as I can see the only difference is a beef gelatine rather than pork and I don’t think that should affect the flavour, I’m willing to try a non-halal bag to compare though!
The sweets aren’t as brightly coloured and don’t have as strong a scent as our Haribo, this was explained away when I realised that rather than the usual Haribo gummies these are more along the lines of Jellie Babies. They don’t have the powdery coating on the outside but other than that they’re near identical in consistency, a thick chewy layer hiding a much softer near gooey middle.
I decided to go into these without looking up what each flavour was, which was probably a good job as the packet doesn’t indicate and nobody online can seem to agree!
Red berry thing? – I couldn’t put my finger on the flavour, it tasted like berries but to which one I’m stumped. It was sweet and fruity though and an all round pleasant taste.
Purple flower? – my guess is blackcurrant. It tasted a bit like Ribena anyway so that’s what I’m going with but then is blackcurrant tropical? It might be in Turkey, who knows. Again another sweet and very fruity flavour.
Banana – no prizes for guessing the flavour here. The whole reason I even bought Tropifruitti was because I could see lots of the bananas through the clear wrapper and I really liked the Haribo banana flavour when I tried it before. The banana wasn’t as strong here but that meant it didn’t taste too artificial either. A quite natural tasting sweet and my favourite out of the bag,
Green Palm tree – I have no clue what this was, I guessed maybe Apple but I really don’t think it was. The flavour was very mild but still pretty enjoyable.
Orangey yellow Toucan – I only had one of these in my bag so it was very hard to distinguish a flavour on that. It reminded me of a passionfruit and mango frozen yoghurt I’ve had, the flavour was similar but not identical, just enough to make me think of it but not enough to pinpoint which of the two it was reminding me of! A nice flavour though.
Purple toucan – nope. This one completely lost me. I had no clue what the flavour was – I liked it whatever it may be. Nice and fruity anyway. Don’t worry I’m not giving up the day job!
Orange segment – I thought I’d guessed this but again orange isn’t very tropical. It didn’t have too strong a taste at the time but it did leave an orangey aftertaste. Looks and expectations could well be affecting this one though.
Frustratingly I’ve come to the very last flavour and I’ve managed to lose the photo! At least it was one I could tell what the shape was meant to be.
Clear Pineapple – this was the most tropical tasting flavour out of the bag. It really reminded me of a tropical fruit juice. It smelt and tasted the strongest of the bag and was very enjoyable.
I’ve included a picture of the ingredients so you can see what flavours actually are used in the bag. What ones are for taste and others for colours – Im still clueless.
From what I can make out, a lot of the confusion over flavours comes from the fact that it depends on where your bag comes from. For instance I know the version sold in the USA has watermelon in it, people clearly pinpoint the flavour as watermelon and the packet has pictures of watermelons on the front, whereas my pack from Turkey has one small watermelon on the side and a pineapple in place of the watermelon on the American pack.
My review could well be completely irrelevant for where you’re reading it from or even what shop you got your bag in, but either way individual flavours aside the overall bag was very tasty, a lovely mix of fruity flavours with a nice twist on the traditional mixes. I especially liked that they’re in a Jelly Babies form than a gummie.
Rating 8/10

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