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Haribo Favoritos (Europe)

I’ve come to the last of stuff I squeezed into my suitcase on my travels and it’s not an exotic sweet, just a mixed bag of Haribo I haven’t seen on sale in the UK – Favoritos.
There were five different sweets in my bag, slightly brighter than the picture shows but nowhere near as neon coloured as are usual in the sweets I’ve been eating!
On the official Haribo site there are a few Favoritos bags available, original which seem to be these but not with the fizzy sugar coating, and bags of each sweet individually. I’ve got the ‘con zumo de frutas’ bag, literal translation from the site “delicious combination of the best cover sugar references. With fruit juice” – I’m guessing the best ones covered with sugar, made with fruit juice!
Banana – I had the most of these which I was very happy about! Why can’t we have these in England, I could gladly eat bags and bags of this marshmallow – very soft and squishy and they taste beautiful. A very natural tasting banana flavour with no artificial tang at all. One of the best banana sweets I’ve tried – ever!
Melocotón (Peaches) – These are the red and yellow discs, they are more of a jelly sweet and to be fair without looking the bag up it didn’t scream out peaches to me – although now I know what they are I can kind of make the connection. They were nice and chewy and despite being unsure on the flavour they were enjoyable and not too sweet or sour.
Strawberries – I was a bit suprised at these as unlike the fizzy strawberries and cherries we get they weren’t a pure jelly they had a solid bottom – kind of like a hard marshmallow. There was no hint of sourness anywhere in the bag so that can’t be as big in Europe as it is over here and these had a lovely sweet flavour that I prefer to the version we get.
Cream Kiss – I’ve never known the pink and white marshmallow at the top as a cream kiss, I’ve always called it a fizzy mushroom so it’s nice to have a name! I found it quite plain but I can actually see how they’re cream now I know (again!). Even though they had a milder flavour they were nice and sweet with a good texture so another good addition to the bag.
Gummy Bear – Finally one we have over here! Tastes just the same as ours and is actually the most boring of the bunch so I’ll spare the details.
I’d like to see this bag in the UK please Haribo! A nice, sweet change to the bags we get.
Rating 7/10

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