6/10 · Chocolate

Galaxy Duet – Cookies & Cream

This is the second of the Galaxy Duet bars, the first you can find here. The Cookies & Cream flavour is the same format, one side with the cookie element, the other with the cream.
As the two sides are only separated by a thin section of chocolate when I snapped a small part of the top off, they came apart so as before I tried each portion alone before tasting them as they are intended.
The first side I tried was the cookie, compared to the shortcake before it seemed like there was a lot more of the cookie but the packet lists it at only 3.2%. Even so the cookie flavour was clear and went well with the chocolate. Besides the taste of the cookie the pieces bought some welcome crunchy texture to the smooth chocolate and I’d be quite happy if I’d picked up a bar with just this inside it.
I then tried the cream side, it’s described as a lightly whipped filling and in mouthfeel did bring a bit of creaminess to the already silky chocolate. I’m not sure if there was a proper cream flavour as I find Galaxy chocolate already quite ‘creamy’ and it was hard to distinguish between the filling and the chocolate. Although to be fair the packet only says lightly whipped filling – not a flavoured whipped filling so maybe it is only supposed to be the texture but either way the chocolate was the stand out flavour in this side.
Both sides eaten together were OK. Neither flavour was dominant – that was left to the chocolate – but of the two, the cookie was stronger. It is a tasty bar of chocolate but really it tasted to me of a Galaxy bar with some cookies mixed in, it was kind of missing the cream part. I’ve had some really delicious cookies and cream bars in the past and this just fell a bit short, a bit disappointing really!
Hopefully my version was just a dud so if you try one and find the cream to be different please let me know as I had high hopes for this!
Of the two I definitely preferred the Caramel & Shortcake
Rating 6/10

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