Dairylea Dunkers Cheesy Bacon Cheese Dip

I do like Dairylea, don’t get me wrong I like a strong goats cheese or a nice halloumi but sometimes Dairylea is just what hits the spot. I’d seen the Cheesy Bacon flavour in a spread/dip sized tub but I didn’t want to commit to buying one that size, it being disgusting and then feeling like I couldn’t waste the rest so I went for the 4 pack of jumbo tubes with the dip.
As far as I can see the bacon flavour is only available with the jumbo tubes and also available are Mighty Mature with Ritz and Fruity Pineapple with Ritz. I wasn’t too happy the bacon only came with the jumbo tubes as its my least favourite choice after breadsticks and Ritz with the original flavour.
The first thing I noticed when peeling the foil lid away is that the cheese is visibly different, it has a slightly more orange tinge to it rather than the paler yelllow. I could smell the bacon – it wasn’t strong, the cheese was as strong if not stronger – but it was there.
As usual there was a layer of the cheese across the top and following the rule I’ve had since I was a kid, that has to be licked off first so I had a taste of the bacon cheese without the tubes interfering. Alone, the only way I can really think to describe it, is it tastes like when you’ve been eating bacon bits or bacon rasher crisps, you’ve finished them but you still have the dull taste of bacon lingering on your tongue. The aftertaste even. Then with the familiar taste of Dairylea cheese mixed in too. It’s strange. I have to admit I was wrong though, this is where Dairylea knew what they were doing. The jumbo tubes are the right choice, the slightly garlicky, herby flavours go so much better with this than a plain breadstick and make the dip a bit tastier.
The cheese is for some reason not quite as thick as the original version so for the first time in my life I finished the tubes and cheese at the same time! There was something about this snack I found addictive and while it made a nice change from chocolate and biscuits but I wouldn’t buy the tub of bacony cheese alone. The tubes improved the flavour, but there’s no way on earth I’d eat this in my Marmite sandwiches and as dips go there are a lot nicer available.
Rating 6/10

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