8/10 · Chocolate · Ice cream · Limited edition

Cadbury Creme Egg Ice Cream

I’ve cheated on my boyfriends Ben and Jerry but I have a good excuse – this ice cream is only out for Easter so I had to!!
It’s appeared on the shelf at this time of year for the last few years but I’ve never got round to actually buying it before, I’ve seen it everywhere on special offer at £2 this year – maybe Cadbury are feeling the backlash from the recipe scandal!
I don’t normally bother with vanilla ice creams unless it’s a good plain vanilla but it was actually quite nice. The sickly sweet fondant sauce balanced well with the rich ice cream and actually evened each other out, the ice cream would be too boring on its own and the Creme egg fondant far too sugary.
I wondered beforehand how the milk chocolate (note – not dairy milk!) would play into this and wether it would be a chocolate sauce mixed in but it’s there alright in big chunky squares all throughout the tub. The 3 flavours together do taste similar to a Creme Egg, but my favourite part of the actual egg is/was the thick whitey gooey fondant and that’s kind of missing here. The Orange swirly stuff is good but the ratio is a bit wrong. It’s a minor player in the ice cream whereas it’s the star in the egg. If you take this as a stand alone ice cream and don’t expect a literal frozen version of the egg this is good stuff, and I will probably buy it again, just don’t tell Ben and Jerry!
Rating 8/10

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