Butterkist Discoveries Popcorn – Pulled Pork

I’ve been trying to find some snacks that aren’t chocolate, sweets or ice cream and these Butterkist Discoveries Hickory BBQ Pulled Pork flavour popcorn sounded so disgusting I had to try them.
I like popcorn, I like BBQ sauce, I like pulled pork but I didn’t like the idea of the three together.
They did give me an excuse to use my popcorn holder that I bought last Valentine’s Day and forgot about though…
The popcorn is made with nice and healthy wholegrain but I think the BBQ and pork flavourings and the smoke seasoning may counter that! They’re also suitable for vegetarians so if you’re a meat craving veggie you can get stuck right in.
They smelt sweet and not very porky or BBQ-like. It was a mixed bag at the start, I was eating one at a time and each kernel seemed to be differently flavoured and seasoned. There were kernels that were purely Hickory BBQ flavoured that seemed to have a dried syrup like coating that did have a BBQ flavour that was strangely sweet but still savoury. Some parts had a smokey, salty flavour, others were plain and a small amount had a pork like flavour – not necessarily pulled pork, not a bacon (the most used pork flavouring) but porky enough that I noticed it. The pork was actually the tastiest of the four individual flavours I came across and it reminded me of crisp flavourings.
Nobody eats popcorn by the single kernel though so I started shovelling handfuls in and this was were I started to enjoy it, all together it ended up with a tangy, smoky, salty, savoury taste that had a sweet BBQ flavour to it. As I didn’t seem to have many pork flavoured pieces in my bag I didn’t really notice it against the stronger BBQ flavour but it didn’t matter so much, it was very addictive as it was and I ate the bag in no time – completely surprising myself. I really didn’t expect to like this!
Blind taste testing my inconsistently flavoured bag, I’d have called this as a sweet BBQ flavour, the pork got a little lost but other bags may well have stronger pork flavours.
I didn’t think I’d say this but I’ll buy it again!
Rating 7/10

2 thoughts on “Butterkist Discoveries Popcorn – Pulled Pork

  1. I can’t believe any body would buy these twice.truly revolting. It was like sprinkling sugar on a roast dinner. I ate 3 kernels and threw the bag in the bin. Annoyed at wasting money but these are truly inedible. Just another ploy to cash in on the trend for pulled pork. DON’T BOTHER! These are worse than you might fear.

    1. Oh, you are literally the only person I’ve heard that hasn’t liked these – literally everyone else has enjoyed them! Oh well, different strokes for different folks and all that jazz hey!

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