8/10 · Ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Speculoos? Specu-Love Cookie Core

With our wedding in the near future, and payment deadlines in the very near future, my weekends have become totally rock and roll and I certainly perked up when my fiancé appeared with all 3 new Ben and Jerry’s flavours he found in Sainsburys today.
The new flavours are Core varieties but with a slight difference, instead of the chocolate/caramel core they have a cookie core.
The first one I had to try was Speculoos? Specu-Love? Which is a caramel ice cream with caramelised cookies and a crumbled caramelised core. If you’re wondering what Speculoos is, you’d probably recognise it as the biscuit used in the Lotus spread – Ben and Jerry’s say on the tub “a caramelised biscuit that’s often served with coffee, a little bit gingery & cinnamon spicy with a sweet caramel edge”.
 Surprisingly the caramel ice cream flavour is quite muted, ordinarily the ice cream is very flavourful in it’s own right but here it’s a ‘quieter’ caramel. Still a good caramel base though and the texture is as all Ben & Jerry’s are thick and creamy.
The top layer didn’t give much away but a couple of scoops soon showed the core and cookie pieces. The cookies are good, very different to the usual cookie dough in regular flavours, they manage to stay crunchy as well as chewy whereas I find the others have a chewier texture. The added crunch is a welcome addition in terms of texture in the pint.
The standout feature for me is the core, both the cookies and core have the same flavours. The ginger and cinnamon are there with some mouthfuls having a subtle taste and others much more pronounced – they are slightly unevenly distributed throughout but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it allows the sugary caramel flavours to stand out.
The best part of the new cookie core for me though is the texture, it’s gritty. I’m not sure in my mind how smooth and gritty can even make sense but it does in my memory! It’s thick, delicious and I’d like to try some of the other flavours with this core added I imagine Half Baked would be delicious! It is similar to Lotus spread, obviously there are differences as this isn’t the named brand in collaboration.
This is another good ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and I can’t wait to try the other two new ones, also happily I can’t see a limited edition label on this so hopefully it’s here to stay!
Rating 8/10

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